Back To School – Thanks Tesco (and Emily from Babyrambles!)

Most of us are a week or more into the new school terms and have gone from newbies to veterans! I still remember the heart wrenching feeling of seeing Kieran in his school uniform for the first time, and it only narrowly overshadows the feeling I had when I realised how much stuff he would need uniform-wise! Arghhh!

Thank God for Tesco who have really cushioned the blow with their cracking school uniform bargains and a huge thank goodness for Emily at babyrambles – a fab blog NOT to be missed! Emily (or your Majesty as I will from now be referring to her as she is so fabulous) was sent a box of uniform and goodies by Tescos and could choose another bloggy Mum to receive one…. and she chose ME!! (All hail Queen Emily). The box was fabulous with shirts, trousers, polo neck tops, and lots of stationary. I would have taken a picture but it was all pulled open and various pieces run off with I didn’t get a chance. Kieran even nicked the box which he is using for his toys!

Something else that was in the box was a £30 voucher for use at Clothing At Tesco – which naturally I used for Kieran……NOT!!! Oh come on, us Mums need a pamper too so I got a lovely blue jumper which houses the baby bump quite well, long shirt-type night and gorgeous slippers, then guilt kicked in so I got socks and shorts for K, undies and a lovely grey jumper for Roy too, all for £30! That is an advert for bargains if ever I saw or um read!

So, again a huge thanks to Tescos and to Emily at Babyrambles for our savings and fab treats! 

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  1. What a lovely photo! Good to hear Kieran's settling in well. It's a difficult time (for us) isn't it? Glad you received the box okay, and as for being Queen Emily well you're too kind *blush*

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