REVIEW: Theraline Maternity & Nursery Pillow

I was thrilled to receive the Theraline nursery and maternity pillow to review.
I am now 27 weeks pregnant, and without too much by way of gory detail, have suffered greatly this time with severe varicose veins on both legs (which the GP described as being “torturous” not sure if this is a medical term but either way, spot on!), pelvic pain (seeing midwife re possible SPD next week – oh joy) and general inability to sleep due to back ache and discomfort. I’m sure many of you know a tired pregnant lady is not a nice beast be around!
This pillow, at 130cm long, is a godsend! I had to look up what the filling was because I expect it to be much softer ie pillow like but it is somewhat firmer, which is not a bad thing as you can shape it, shift it and mould it anyway necessary and still receive proper support and comfort whatever position you are in. It’s worth noting that the cushion doesn’t sag (glad something isn’t sagging in this house!), and remains “plumped up” throughout the day and night.

I use this is a variety of ways.
1)      1) Bed! –Sleep, oh how I missed you! This extra long support is brilliant for me, I can “cuddle” the top, support my bump and shape it at an angle so it goes between my legs (helping with pelvic pain), and helps raise my legs/ankles slightly. I’m not sure whether it is because of the filling or extra thick cover, but this never gets warm (I’m one of these that is always turning the pillow over to find the cool  bit, and my internal thermostat seemed to go haywire from the minute I got pregnant!.
We have actually named my Theraline, we call it “Artificial Roy” as it is always there ready for a comforting cuddle, but unlike the long suffering husband doesn’t steal the blankets and doesn’t snore.

2)      2) In a chair/working
I work from home and primarily on a laptop. I cannot due to various pains etc sit at a desk, I need to keep my leys up. I use the pillow around my back in an armchair, supporting my lower back, and having it under my upper arms to support my posture with the laptop on my knees (on a cushion and special tray so no over heating/ hurting my legs), and the torturous legs on a footstool. This is so incredibly comfortable and supportive! If I need to shift my position slightly this is easy to do without having to get up and plump and reshape the cushion.
I also use it to fold up under my legs to raise them when on the sofa, again for comfort and to ease my poor tired legs!
3)     3)  In bed to sit up (properly) and read, again shaping it to the position that is most comfortable, and voiding sagging, slipping cushions.
4)      4) My 4 year also uses it (grr!) He just loves it for sitting in the middle of, watching tv, reading etc. He calls it his snuggle chair.
Baby 2 isn’t born yet but I can see from having a good play around what an asset this is going to be in the nursery for my comfort and support when cuddling and feeding.
It comes in a variety of colours which can be viewed on the website and the outer cover is easily washable.
At £45 each, (which initially I thought was expensive, being honest, before I received it), they really are a fab item to have during pregnancy and in the nursery.
 I am very new to maternity items / products and clothing, having done it the “old fashioned” way aka the hard way last time, and buying nothing special for me and my pregnancy, which I regret now, and I do rate this very highly.
My rating:
 5/5- I would personally recommend this product to others based on my own findings from the extensive testing I have undertaken.

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