Saving Time and Money with Chemist Direct

While Chemist Direct isn’t a particularly new site is certainly is new to me. I was offered a £50 voucher to use on the site, in order to have a good play, experience the order and delivery service and so that I could effectively report back what I really thought of the site. Despite being given the voucher to use Chemist Direct have had no say in my review and so this review is based purely on my own findings.

What is Chemist Direct?

Chemist Direct is as the name suggests an online chemist shop which provides products for your health needs (including prescriptions), toiletries and more. There are plenty of these online chemist shops around these days however what I find different about Chemist Direct is the moneysaving angle.

How to save money and time with Chemist Direct

How to save money and time with Chemist Direct

The site has a dedicated page for way to save you time and money. Perhaps my favourite part of the site, other than the well stocked clearance areas are the bulk buys. With four of us in the house we go through things like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc a lot quicker than I would like! I was able to purchase  bulk packs of some of my favourite brands at a discount and of course am also now enjoying not having to constantly keep an eye on whether we need to add more to the weekly shop.

How Far Does £50 Go?

Further than I expected. Thanks to clearance items, bulk buys and having a wide range of items, both top brands and otherwise to choose from I was able to stock up on shampoo, conditioner, shaving items for Roy, baby wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, two jars of my Ponds Cold Cream cleanser, three Pantene hair mousses (I can’t leave the house without looking like a microphone without these!) and more.

If you ignore the shockingly bad photos you'll get a good idea of how much a fifty pound order actually gives you. If I hadn't needed a new shaving brush and what not for Roy I'd have ordered more bulk buys.

If you ignore the shockingly bad photos you’ll get a good idea of how much a fifty pound order actually gives you. If I hadn’t needed a new shaving brush and what not for Roy I’d have ordered more bulk buys.


My delivery was with me within a couple of days and I was kept informed via email of when it was dispatched etc. I was pleased to see that while the items were properly boxed etc that there wasn’t any wasted packaging. This is a pet hate of mine!

Would I Use Chemist Direct Again

Yes I would. I’ve bookmarked it and have a few bits in the basket as I’m building up a monthly order. Again the bulk buys really have been a bonus, from a convenience and a budget point of view and with these and the clearance items being refreshed regularly updated it’s good to see new items popping up to help you save.

I do get emails from Chemist Direct (as I signed up) with offer and what not however can’t say that there’s an excessive amount which is always a bonus.

I can’t fault the service, in fact I have already recommended it to friends and family which I wouldn’t do if I wasn’t 100% happy. If you want to know anything else about my experience drop me a line in the comment box or perhaps ask Chemist Direct via Twitter who are more than happy to help.


Unveiling the Erin Condren Life Planner

Over on my new blog, The Candid Copywriter (don’t worry Curly and Candid is going nowhere) you may now read about my new  and already much loved planner. The Erin Condren Life Planner comes from the US and believe it or not may have actually overtaken the Filofax for me (words I never thought I’d say or write).

Below are some quick pics to show the inside and outside of the planner. For more details pop over and read the full unboxing / unveiling post over on The Candid Copywriter.


**EDIT: Please check before ordering whether custom charges to the UK may apply. I haven’t heard anything myself or regarding my own order however I have been told that some orders and with some delivery carriers an invoice for customs charges may be presented after delivery. Do check this out before ordering.**

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