Snoring Beauty

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I have a funny story for you.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess with long dark curly hair (that’s me. I don’t have frizz in the fairy story version) who met and married a handsome Prince named Roy. Roy was the very best husband in every way. That is until that fateful night when he betrayed her horribly.

It goes a little like this:

The Princess fell fast asleep in bed, next to the Prince who was playing Division on his Xbox 1.
The Prince was talking to his Squires (also playing Division) via a magical headset.
The Princess, such a delicate creature, then proceeded to snore like a drunk buffalo with a head cold so that all the Squires and everyone in the entire kingdom could hear her.

The shame!

Needless to say, a good laugh was had by all, especially the Princess when she heard all about it via the amused Xbox chat the next day.

The Princess felt most strongly that the Prince should have switched the chat function off as soon as she started snuffling which he knows full well is followed by a hearty snore.

To be fair the Prince has a decent nose and throat roar himself (think more disgruntled dragon than an ordinary man-snore) so he should have been better at helping this poor Princess mask her affliction. She’ll get her own back though because the Grimm Brothers, who wrote dark fairy tales such as these, would be terribly disappointed otherwise.

Joking aside though, snoring can be a pain both for the person snoring who might find themselves woken up by their own noise, a sharp dig in the ribs or a kick and for the poor so and so who has to listen to it while trying to get off to sleep. Seeing as there is no law against the person who snores falling asleep before the snore-less one it could be time to look for an answer elsewhere.

Some people snore due to underlying conditions whereas some people just snore. No doubt if you are dealing with a snoring person or trying to stop yourself snoring you’ll have tried a number of strips, sleeping positions and more. Have you tried a stop snoring mouthpiece? We haven’t because thankfully I only snore when I have a cold / blocked up nose and Roy when he is very, VERY tired and if he has a cold. There are many that have it seems so it could be worth considering, especially if the usual remedies aren’t working.

Do you snore or have a partner who does? How do you deal with it? Any top tips or comments on your experience of using a mouth guard would no doubt be useful to those looking for a solution.

Making Me Time

Does anyone ever look back at their pre-children, pre-grown-up selves and smirk at the memory of all those times when “I’m exhausted” was uttered? I do! I didn’t know what being truly knackered was until I had the boys. As they’ve grown I’ve assumed the next stage will be less busy; oh how wrong I have been. Each stage has been as busy as it has been gloriously enjoyable! When Taylor started school last year (yes, we’ve nearly completed his first year!) and I wasn’t doing the school run for one and a mix of drop-off and pick-ups at a nursery and a (fab) childminder with the other I figured I’d have loads of extra time.

Ho, ho, ho! While having both children in the same setting at the same time offers advantages I’d forgotten the time we as parents spend in school, particularly with the younger ones. Stay and Play sessions, sports day, escort duty for library trips, church trips, trip-trips… I don’t dislike going on these things, I like to help out and thankfully being my own boss makes working life more flexible schedule-wise.  It’s just… more time.

Onto work. School, home and general motherhood (and life, because there is life outside of work people) take up a fairly big chunk of my time. I have a lot of flexibility in my work schedule-wise because I am a freelancer copywriter and I’m my own boss. No apologising when children are at home throwing up or I have a school awards assembly to go to. I do however also have international clients and that can mean talking business at stupid o’clock in the morning (I routinely tell people my webcam is broken so Skype calls and Hangouts are strictly voice only). I work full-time hours at weird intervals throughout the week.

Time! Time! Time!

It was the long-suffering and really rather fabulous husband who took me in hand some time ago and told me I needed to make time for myself. What a strange concept. I suggested having a proper break for lunch. That was met with a raised eyebrow. He was talking about proper “me” time. An hour submerged in a great book (I’m a keen reader and am challenging myself to read more), a break sat in the garden, away from phones and computers with something delicious and luxurious from a cappuccino maker or a walk away from the house (no, not to the supermarket) to get some fresh air, or to visit a friend for a brew. I’m a keen advocate for promoting a work-life balance however sometimes forget to apply that to myself!

You know what? The man was right! I did need to make time for me and as a result, I’m more productive (yet at the PC less, work that out) and am considerably less “stress”. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining about my life, not at all. I love being a Mum, a wife, my home and my work however sometimes I need reminding to take some time out to love myself too.

Make sure you do the same x

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