As a blogger I’m often asked to post about charities or fundraising efforts for local and national causes. If I’m being honest I dislike these emails, getting four or five sometimes every week. I just don’t have the time to write articles (for free) for all of these very worthy causes, I wish I did.

I had eight different people last month who came to my door to ask me to sign up to support and fund their charities, I wish I could help everyone but I can’t. The seven clothing and bric a brac charity bags sat in my hall will be put back out on the relevant day as I just don’t have anything else to give.

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you consider the number of people in the world who need our help and the number of projects that desperately need funding.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way, not by a long shot and I suspect that charities and community groups are constantly having to find new ways to raise funds and awareness. One way to do this is to run an online auction or auctions.

Think about it for a moment. Using online auctions like these can be a great way to raise funds in a secure and easy to advertise way. Online auctions are timed. Some of the time limits are just a few hours while others can last for over a week. There is just something special about looking at a time ticker on an online auction site and realising that you only have mere seconds to get your bid in before the opportunity is lost forever. The need to bid becomes increasingly important as that time limit approaches. We are all human and therefore attracted by the thought of missing out if we do not react in time. Couple this with having great items, services or promises up for “sale” and you have a unique opportunity to raise some serious funds.

An additional benefit to online auctions is that they are online! People don’t always want to go out during the evening to a charity event, to attend a fundraising sale on a Saturday and for this reason online auctions have an advantage. Home shopping online has long since been proven to be the preferred method for many and of course with social media being the marvelous tool it is when it comes to free advertising this could be the way forward for fundraisers.

I can’t stop the charity bags, the door knockers and the emails asking for my help however in future I’m going to suggest giving this alternative way of fundraising a go!

Yoga and Whole Body Wellness

yoga-in-dharamsalaFor years I’ve been waffling on about needing to exercise me. I’ve power walked, done step aerobics, water aerobics (that nearly finished me off) and followed fitness DVDs from Spice Girl get fit to a very cheesy Zumba video. Predictably it didn’t take me long to fall off the wagon.

As a young woman, I was believed that “an hour here” and a “fitness class there” was all that was needed to make me the best I could be physically. Over time I’ve realised there’s a lot more to it than that. I know now, wiser with age, that to affect real change you need to look at your body as a whole as opposed to separate parts. You also need to consider the link between physical and mental wellness.

I’m not particularly sporty or as active as I should be these days. I spend more hours than I should sat behind a computer. That said I am at least aware of the need for change and the type of change that is required.

For me, Yoga looks set to take me where I need and want to be. I’m not looking to be the same size and shape as I was when I was eighteen (that ship has sailed!), I’m looking to be the best version of myself I can be, inside and out.

Looking into Yoga properly, researching for personal reasons with copywriting precision I’ve learned a lot more about Yoga, its background, the culture, history and ethos behind it. I’ve also realised that someone who can take me where I want to be will have undertaken a lot of training.

Those undertaking yoga training in Dharamsala for example, learn about nutrition as well as the spiritual and physical aspects of Yoga. When you view a Yoga exercise class you don’t truly appreciate the depth of understanding, the amount of training and I believe the dedication that goes into becoming a yoga teacher, and helping others to achieve their goals.

I’m feeling quite zen I suppose you could say, about myself and my future. I have health goals and wellness goals and for the first time feel that I’ve found a way to help me achieve them, by making life changes. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll catch the bug and might look to train as a yoga teacher myself? Anything is possible…..

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