Brothers Getting Along


My two are both so different and yet so very much the same. Does that make sense? With nearly five years between them and Kieran approaching teenagedom at an alarming speed I expected them to start fighting and be falling out more by now. I suspect that the age gap is working well in a way because Taylor is too young to play on Kieran’s yard at school (so can’t get in the way with his frinds) and by the time he is, Kieran will have left primary and started secondary school (that’s a scary thought that deserves a blog post all of its own).

While right now they are getting on so well, other than the odd spat here and there I’m not blinkered to the fact that when hormones start to interfere that this might not always be the case (I’m one of six siblings; my parents were saints not to duct-tape us to a lorry and let it drive off during our teenage bickering years).

I’m not quite ready to give up seeing Kieran come out of one school door and Taylor another at the end of the day, when they launch themselves at each other and hug (every day without fail) before running off to play but right now can’t see how to avoid it? Is it inevitable? Is there a way to maintain the cracking brotherly friendship they have going on now? I’m sure if brotherly war does break out they’ll become friends again once they come out the other side, me and my siblings did but if any of you have any hints or tips for making that transition easier do share!


Bingo – My Not So Secret Vice

I’m a bit of a home bird and as such enjoy finding ways to relax at home. By relax I usually mean in my PJs, on the sofa and with a king-sized coffee. One of my not so secret vices is online bingo and is something I’ve enjoyed for years.

The beauty of many online sites is that as well as the community feel (the chatrooms remind me of the old MSN chatrooms we used to enjoy) there are loads of opportunities to enjoy a light-hearted flutter while staying within your budget! A little credit tends to go a long way (especially if you win) when you take into account the free games, special themed games and everything else.

I don’t play every night or even every week but when I do I enjoy myself. I’m not one for staying on just one site either as there are SO many to choose from, all with their own special offers, new features and everything else.

I’ve been sent some info for a site I’ve never tried before, New Look Bingo which boasts it has “one of the coolest interactive chat features that fosters socialization among participants across the world”. Sounds perfect for someone who likes a natter. While I’ve not played as yet I can see that there is a big collection of different games  such as bingo, casino, slots and freebets to keep me going (I prefer bingo to anything else personally for the social aspect although slots can be fun as long as I play with winnings).

Apparently at the moment if you register on you receive a bonus worth £15 that instantly gives you access to the free bingo rooms which suits me! This isn’t an affiliate link by the way, I’m sharing for all my other bingo playing friends :)

Are you a bingo fan like myself? If so what are your favourite sites for chat or for luck?



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