BingWe were lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of the Bing: Swing and Other Episodes DVD which is available from tomorrow (March 30th) but can be pre-ordered here.

Taylor loves Bing and his carer Flop and enjoys watching them get up to all sorts of preschool fun. We like it because of the way it teaches social lessons and explains everything in such a lighthearted yet effective way. We all agree that Bing is  funny and really rather cute.

I have to admit that when it comes to some children’s TV programmes I struggle. I get bored, I fail to see the point behind them and I don’t see any value to Taylor. We don’t have the TV on constantly, limiting both TV time and digital time to a level we feel is healthy etc and so it’s important that the time Taylor does spending watching TV is spent watching something worthwhile.

If you’ve seen Bing on CBeebies you’ll most likely already know why kids love the show much as well as why grown up do too!

Tyalor certainly gives it his seal of approval!




With 10 episodes all guaranteed to entertain we would definitely recommend this DVD.


*We were sent a copy of this Bing DVD to watch and review. Our review is based purely on our own experience and opinion.


Despite me being the grown up I regularly seem to be lectured by my 8 year old on what I can and can’t put into my recycling box and bag. I’m pretty certain that it is his eagle-eyed nature and willingness to tell me I’m not recycling properly that has saved me from receiving one of the Stickers of Shame that the local recycling crew stick on your box when you’ve broken the rules.

Generally speaking I’m actually not too horrendous about recycling, simply busy. however it is worth reminding ourselves from time to time not only what the local recycling services will take but also what the different recycling labels means and what may be reused and recycled.

This fab infographic from EcoMovers breaks it down a bit, making it easy to visualise what we can and can’t recycle. Hopefully it’ll keep your recycling mad kids happy and the council recycling crew’s “You’ve been naughty” stickers safely tucked away!




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