I adore this time of year.

Nativity Time

Today Taylor enjoyed taking part in his first nativity play, he was Joseph…..

taylor nativity


(And yes, he is still referring to the Baby Jesus as Baby Cheeseless)

Santa came to visit!

Thirsk Rotary Club supports Santa doing the tour de Thirsk and Sowerby every year, fitting in as many streets as they can, knocking on doors, saying hello to thrilled boys and girls and giving out little chocolate treats. This year he has earned some extra brownie points as he told Taylor to be good and to make sure he kept his room tidy. Taylor raced upstairs and needless to say we have a very tidy little boy’s bedroom.

Food Wonderful Food

Kieran has been making 101 plans for all of the lovely baked goods he’ll be making and decorating this year for us all.

And I’m in a soup-making frenzy!


Looking Good, Even if I Do Say So Myself

The tree and the house looks and feels amazing.


My diary says I finish work for the year on Friday and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of proper relaxed festive family fun time.

Damn do I love this time of year!

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I am a Christmas fiend and make no apologies for it. I adore this time of the year and have already started with my prep.

First up, the house. I love interiors as much as I do Christmas and so in November each year I start thinking about sorting the house out. There’s the obligatory decluttering sessions, the carpets have been cleaned downstairs (local people – look up Heaven Scent Cleaning Services, Michelle worked magic on my cream carpets and was unbelievably affordable!) and then onto revamping the lounge and dining room.

I’ve stolen this absolutely gorgeous piece from my parents and given it a little tart up. This is one of those solid pieces that you loved as a child and cherish when older. The photographs don’t do it justice so I’ll take some more pictures in December when it’s all covered with Christmas decs.


Next up, my bargain of the year (which again will be re-snapped when dressed properly), a new, solid and rather gorgeous extending dining table. An Ebay find from a local seller which was a steal, even including hiring a van man to fetch it for me.

New Table

Of course I needed new Christmas tins. No Christmas is complete without Christmas tins crammed full of fabulous goodies and these beauties were just 3.99 from my favourite supermarket, Lidl. Lovely aren’t they?



And the first new additions to our Christmas decorations (although I suspect these will stay out all year). A real steal these lovely owls from Ribbons and Bows look just fabulous.

New friends

I have Taylor’s birthday on Sunday and Roy’s next week so the “proper” Christmas prep will start in earnest after then. I’ve ticked a fair few bits off the list this week though and just can’t wait to pull it all together with my Christmas decorations and favourite pieces.

None of this cost very much in the grand scheme of things and will all add to our wonderful family home at Christmas time.
How are your Christmas preparations coming along?


If like me you love all things festive head over to Festive Friday, a wonderful collection of posts from fellow Christmas friends, led by the ever inspiring (and quite lovely)  Chris Mosler.

Festive Friday at Thinly Spread

Whether strictly speaking I myself fall in the mature women bracket as yet is up for debate (although I’m a fair way from my teen years) however the fact remains that what myself and these classy ladies both have in common is the struggle over finding a party frock which doesn’t look like we’ve been wrapped in clingfilm or dusted down with a pre-schooler’s glitter supply.

I haven’t worn a proper dress since my wedding day (coming up twelve years ago now) and there is good reason for that. I struggle so much with finding something nice to wear for the few nice social events out we attend that I usually give up at the first hurdle and choose a trouser suit or similar. Even I’m sick of seeing myself in trouser suits now.

The Christmas and New Year parties are in full swing and with more to come many are still scrambling around looking for some sort of party dress that will slim down, pull up and make us feel like the beautiful women we are, regardless of age, shape or size.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of dresses out there if you are the straight off the hanger size 8-10 flawless skin type of women with no lumps and bumps to be seen. Even at my slimmest I struggled because I prefer an outfit that looks fun and elegant and yet didn’t involve my requiring a shoe horn to get into it or a nudity clause to wear it (seriously, some of the dresses out there might as well be called birthday suits and sadly I do not have the body of an airbrushed model!).

Instead of grumbling (again) this year I’m taking action and have decided to look for stunning evening dresses for mature women which won’t break the bank and that will make me feel good about myself. We usually stay in on New Year’s Eve however this year Roy has decided that he wants to take me dancing or to the theatre and see 2015 in in style. Obviously some serious wardrobe magic will be needed however I am determined.

It really shouldn’t be so hard to dress in gorgeous dresses when you are slightly on the wrong side of the BMI chart or in the bracket which makes you eligible for the “older” contestants on XFactor. I won’t be beaten though, watch this space! My mission is to find a dress which covers all I want covering, shows off my best bits and allows me to enjoy a night out on the town without the “Mutton dressed as lamb” style creeping in.

Does anyone else struggle to find evening dresses or even formal wear that merges style, class, flair and yet doesn’t require a second mortgage?

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