Better Time Management for Equine Businesses

Horse in a stable block, Better Time Management for Equine Businesses

Running an equine business is no walk in the park – or leisurely trot around the ring, for that matter. It’s important you do anything you can to make life easier and give your business an advantage. Here are some time management tips that will help you do just that. Apologies in advance for all horse and riding-related puns.

Harness the Power of a CAFM System – Better Time Management for Equine Businesses

First out of the gate, let’s talk about the humble CAFM system – That’s “Computer-Aided Facility Management”, for those not in the acronym loop. Think of it as your digital stable hand. It helps manage everything from stall assignments to maintenance schedules. It can track feed deliveries, farrier visits, and even which horse prefers to turn left more than right. A CAFM system organises your equine operations with finesse.

Better Time Management for Equine Businesses – Delegate Like a Dressage Champion

In dressage, every movement is precise and purposeful, just like how you should delegate tasks in your business. Identify the strengths of your team and assign responsibilities accordingly. Maybe Jamie has a knack for calming the more spirited horses? Alex can spot a loose shoe from a mile away. Play to their strengths. Do this and you’ll have a well-oiled machine that runs smoother than a gallop on soft turf.

Implement Time Blocks for Training

Ever find yourself at sunset, wondering where the day galloped off to? Implementing time blocks for training sessions can rein in those runaway hours. Allocate specific times for different training needs. Jumping practice in the morning, dressage in the afternoon, and so on. It’s like setting up fences in an open field, giving structure to what was once chaos.

Better Time Management for Equine Businesses – Prioritise with the Precision of a Show Jumper

Show jumping requires pinpoint accuracy and a clear understanding of which obstacles to tackle first. Apply this to your daily tasks. Prioritise what needs immediate attention (like that loose shoe). Then decide what can wait. A well-maintained priority list is your map to a clear round.

Embrace the Digital Round Pen: Online Booking and Scheduling

Swap out the old pen-and-paper method for digital booking and scheduling. Online systems allow clients to book their own appointments. This reduces the back-and-forth and frees up your time for other important tasks – like actually working with the horses.

Scheduled Maintenance: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Regularly scheduled maintenance for your facilities and equipment can prevent those time-consuming, unexpected repairs. This includes everything from checking fences for wear and tear to ensuring your riding gear is in top-notch condition. After all, it’s better to plan a repair than to deal with a broken stirrup mid-lesson.

Better Time Management for Equine Businesses – Cultivate a Culture of Punctuality

Finally, do what you can to foster an environment where punctuality is valued. This means starting and ending lessons on time, sticking to the feeding schedule, and ensuring appointments are respected. It sets a professional tone for your business and shows that you value both your time and that of your clients.


Managing time in an equine business is about more than just keeping the clock; it’s about creating a rhythm that allows both horses and humans to thrive and the above tips will certainly help you with that, so give them a go.

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