Practical Anniversary Gifts

On the 28th June Roy and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. TEN YEARS! We are quite chuffed about this, nowadays it is an achievement and yet for us it has been the most fantastic ten years. Anyway, the reason for mentioning it is that we are both looking for gift inspiration.

Traditionally tenth wedding anniversary gifts should be based on a theme around aluminium or tin however we’ve decided to pass on the traditional theme this year (tin??).

I’m easy to buy for I think. Roy struggles so I have a list of gifts and treats that tickle my fancy and every so often I add a few items for him to choose from or to give him inspiration. This is a good plan otherwise I could end with a Gameboy or similar (Yup – my birthday 1999, a thoughtful gift for when I was working nightshifts).  I’ll drop hints and keep putting things in the wishlist I think 🙂

Roy is easy to buy for. He is a loveable geek. Like me he loves sci-fi and fantasy and unlike me he is quite a creative person as he is very good with art, clay models, music etc. He is also a tech lover. What he’d really love for his Man Den (other than a portable loo so he never has to leave it) is some Wireless Speakers. I personally love sound and music but absolutely hate wires everywhere.

At one of our first homes Roy bought a surround sound type thing and of course the wires would hang down and drive me mad. This was before the wonder of Wifi Speakers became known.

I am actually tempted to get some for him and some for the garden. You can now use these wireless speakers anywhere you like and how great would it be to have music outside when you are relaxing or having a barbecue without a mass of cables everywhere?

Speakers may not sound like the most romantic gift but we tend to go for practical and wanted over fluffy and meeting someone’s romantic criteria. Fluffy teddies and chocolates are lovely but something that we’ll use and get constant pleasure out of is a much better gift choice in my book.

My question for you today is: If you could choose any gift for yourself for a birthday or anniversary this year, what would it be?


*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business but true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.