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I’ve never really been known as a bag tart, a boot lover yes but bags are just for lugging stuff about. Or so I thought until the lovely Charlotte introduced me to the world of Mia Tui. Mum of two Charlotte found herself looking for the perfect bag for her and her family when on her travels in Vietnam. How difficult could it be to find a bag that was practical and looked good? Impossible it would seem so Charlotte designed her own, then another, then another….

Before long Mia Tui bags was born and has since gone from strength to strength. The range has three main signature bags. The Amelie which is the largest, the Ava (which I have in purple croc and am constantly being asked where it comes from!) and the Grace which is the smallest and can be used as a traditional handbag or messenger bag (I have this in tan canvas!).

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The best thing about the range is the price, with the most expensive bag being £59.99 and the lowest priced at £29.99. Nowadays people don’t want to spend hundreds on a bag, particularly if you have a family but still want a quality item.

As I said, I have the Ava in Purple croc. There are only a few of these left but plenty of of other colours available. My Ava has been a lifesaver!

Today is library day and our mooch about town. I can fit all of this, and more in easily. The well thought out pockets, bottle holder, phone pocket and key clip means no rooting about looking for things
Top View
The Ava comes with this handy machine clutch/tote bag. Perfect for those bits and pieces that usually rattle about in the bottom of your bag
Possibly the best feature, despite being packed to the gills the Ava retains it's shape, not looking bulky and is easy to carry. It really is a bit of a tardis!

It’s safe to say that I love my Ava (and my Grace!). My sister has asked for one for Christmas, though needs to actually decide which colour/style she wants (spoilt for choice). With prices from just £29.99 and other accessories such as the iPhone purse and baby changing mat (Just £1.99) available it’s well worth a visit for either your Xmas shopping or for yourself.

As well as the main site you can find Mia Tui on Facebook and the lovely Charlotte on Twitter, who is always willing to answer your questions.

Happy shopping!

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 * I received an Ava bag in exchange for a review. Mia Tui has had no input in the content of this post, it is based purely on the fact that I blinking adore my bag.