Time to Share – Tots100 harnessing the power of the blogosphere

Tots100 Time To Share

The lovelies at Tots100, supported by Bright One are calling out into the Blogosphere and asking Bloggers to give an hour or two of their time (in March and April) to volunteer with some amazing projects and charities. The sign up information was launched yesterday and by early evening no fewer than 50 bloggers had registered to help with local charities which mean something to them.

Why bloggers?

Bloggers write best about their personal experiences. By volunteering for a couple of hours a blogger then has first hand knowledge of the issues a charity may face and what the work they do involves. Giving this time not only helps in the short term but by sharing the information gained with their blog followers they are raising awareness in a very powerful and personal way.

No time left to share?

If you don’t have time to volunteer (I don’t), do your bit by sharing information about this great project. Blog badges and full information about the scheme are available from the Tots100 website. Add a badge to your site, share the scheme information with your social networks and perhaps write a brief post like this one.

The blogosphere can be a powerful thing. By pulling together there is no limit what we can achieve.

Please visit the Tots100 site to read more.