Charming things your kids say to you.

You know when you wake up feeling bloated and horrible and your child tells you that you are the prettiest Mummy in the whole wide world? Yes well, that didn’t happen this morning.

Last night wasn’t a great night. I went to Slimming World and weighed in 1lb heavier than last week. The annoying thing was I knew exactly where it has come from and had no-one to blame but myself! I’d been really good all last week with great meals and snacks but ended up working late most evenings so that I could have a fairly work-free week this week with both kids at home. Unfortunately late night working and snacking go hand in hand with me hence the 1lb gain.

Anyway, I woke up feeling rubbish but determined to have a better week and enjoy my time with the kids.

And then my five year old pitches up……

Mummy, you know the Tyrannasaurus Rex?

Yes dear?

What did it look like?

Urm, excuse me?

You know, was he as big as a house? Was he MASSIVE??

I don’t know love, go and get your dinosaur book and we’ll see what it says“.

But didn’t you see one when you were in the olden days?


It’s ok though, I’m not upset with him. It’s not his fault that I started the day feeling fat and horrible and now feel fat, horrible and jurassic.

And of course, I will remove his favourite Lego from it’s hiding space at some point today 🙂

On the upside I am “nearly” as pretty as his favourite teacher. It’s a good job I have a good sense of humour and actually find all of this funny!

Have a great day all and remember, you are never as old as your children think you are.