Summer Essentials For When the Sun Returns

Damn you British weather! I spent a fortune this weekend on super healthy food to help banish the *few* extra pounds I’ve accrued recently in order to make summer wear a little more comfortable (don’t worry, there will be no bikini action here any time soon). Now of course, after gorgeous sunny days and blue skies the sun has disappeared behind a big grey cloud and the weather forecast doesn’t seem able to tell me when it will be returning.

I do however (being an optimist) sincerely believe that the ball of warmth will return in time for the summer hols and when it does I will be ready for it. With my soup recipe book and salad spinner at the ready I am banishing the long winter comfort podge and getting myself kitted out for the beach. While I am buying nothing clothing related until I have lost a few pounds I am able to get a head start on the accessories.

First of all I want a nice summery bag. Bear in mind that I will not be sauntering along a white gold beach in the Mediterranean with just myself and the good husband; I will be bounding along the Yorkshire coastline with a Frisbee, two very excited boys and the good husband. I will be looking for something stylish which will hold the sun creams, wipes and all of the other goodies I lug around.

I will be looking for sunglasses. Not your everyday market stall glasses but something like some gorgeous Rayban Sunglasses and some Oakley UK ones for Roy. The one thing (other than using a tub of goose grease and a shoe horn to get into a swimming costume) that makes me blue about summer is the scream-inducing headaches I inevitably get when it is too sunny. Decent glasses that keep the glare off (and look fabulous) are a must.

Last on my list will be footwear. I’m a size five no matter what the scales or tape measure say about the rest of me so it is safe to buy these in advance. Strolling across the sandy beach is one thing but the rocky shore when shell collecting is another. I will be looking for cool and coloured soft canvas-type shoes to keep my feet safe!

That is as far as I’ve got with my list however I have seven weeks until the school breaks up for summer so I have time to add more. When summer shopping, what is your MUST have item?


*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business but true to my thoughts, feelings and experiences.