No Child is Born To Die – Don’t dismiss this post!

When both Kieran and Taylor had their first jabs it annoyed me almost. I knew it was important to ensure they were kept safe and well, but I knew we could have runny nappies, a high temperature, gribbles and unsettled days & nights.

What was I thinking? At least we wouldn’t have death! So many children don’t get the basic care we here in UK often take for granted.

This powerful message from the Save The Children UK website, has really kicked me into touch.

We’re campaigning to help save 4 million lives in 4 hours at the global vaccines summit in June. We only have one month left to build up public pressure on world leaders and decision makers“. They aren’t asking people to march outside the summit, waving banners and chanting… they are asking you to use you voice, and vote for change.

It’s very easy, and immensely important, no child was born to die, but die they will if we don’t take action. You can see the campaign box in the sidebar ——->

This is part of the #passiton campaign, I’m not tagging individuals, I’m asking everyone to take 2 minutes to make a lifetime worth of difference. Sign, share, send, tell everyone and save lives.