Robinson’s Double Concentrate & The Cawood Family! #review

A LOT from a drop!

The men in my house go through drink like it is going out of fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want them to dehydrate but I have long since been perplexed (read as slightly peeved) at how often I’m finding myself going out to replace empty bottles. They are both avid blackcurrant and apple fans. Roy takes 2l of juice to work everyday, and drinks more during the evening, Kieran drinks it in his packed lunch, before school, after school…. it soon goes.

Being the crafty and thrifty mum I am, I swapped their normal brand for a very basic brand (half the price) but alas there is no getting past those two.

When I was offered some Robinson’s double concentrate to try I’ll admit my initial thought was “Well that is one less bottle to buy anyway” – what? I’m being honest! I’ve had concentrated juices before but they don’t seem to last that much longer than the ordinary in my opinion.

The Robinson’s version, Double Concentrate is all the usual great taste but using a fraction of the amount I normally use when making juice up. The drink does look paler than “ordinary” juice but tastes exactly the same! No longer cynical a trial began in earnest. I can happily report we do actually use just under half the amount of juice per drink compared to what we would have used with our previous brand.

Not only am I saving money but also packaging. I have to hold my hands up and admit I am a lazy recycler. Our recycling blue box is picked up once a fortnight, more than enough one would think, but with the amount of packaging etc that seems to come with my food shopping (that is a post in itself!) it is full sooner rather than later, particularly when packed with blinking juice bottles. To add insult and injury and get a pee’d off Nicki – someone has pinched my blue box. Unbelievable but true, sadly. This means I have to troop along to the nearest recycle unit, pram and all, which isn’t far but is another inconvenience  (my council are re-issuing a blue box, have been for months now and they won’t do a kerbside collection UNLESS things are in a blue box – bureaucracy gone mad!). The reason for me going ever so slightly off on a tangent is to point out that the longer a bottle lasts, the less waste my home produces, and an added bonus… less trips to the recycle bins for me! A small annoyance but a valid one for a busy Mum!

Available in 50 or 70 servings per bottle - even in my house that goes a fair way!

The new product also comes with a new pour control and easy grip handle (much appreciated as blackcurrant can make a heck of mess when spilled by the litre) to help mums and little ones pour the necessary amount each time without wasting or spilling a drop.  I can’t tell you how the new pour control works, I haven’t a clue, but it does and it means Kieran can pour his own juice with the minimum of aid (Little Mr Independent!).

New Robinsons Double Concentrate is also available in five of Robinsons most popular flavours including Orange, Orange & Pineapple, Apple & Blackcurrant, Lemon and Summer Fruits, and is available from all major retailers. Make sure you look it up next time you are doing your supermarket shop!