Cruising – Offering Everything You Could Want in a Holiday

Every time I open Facebook or Twitter I get bombarded with fairly horrific pictures of flooding, dark rain clouds, frozen over lakes and more. It seems that the weather systems in some areas have gone cuckoo and to be honest it is fairly depressing!

Roy and I were talking the other night about beggaring off somewhere and once again the idea of a cruise came up. I have always been anti-cruise because I can’t swim very well. Thinking about that now I realise that is actually one of the most pathetic excuses not to try something new even I’ve ever heard. I don’t drive but that doesn’t mean I don’t get into a car.

Quite a few of my Facebook friends have posted fabulous pictures and accounts about cruise holidays and to be honest I hadn’t realised just how family friendly they can be. I always thought of a cruise as something singles or couples of a certain age did however it appears that I’ve been ever so slightly off the mark with that assumption.

What we like is the fact that we would not be going on holiday to Turkey, or Italy or wherever, we would be enjoying time on a constantly travelling holiday base and would still get to see plenty of new and previously unseen (by us) destinations. Having a browse online at cruise holidays 2014 it has become clear that there are a vast number of destinations available.

 I like the idea of relaxing (or enjoying a load of activities!) for a few days in luxurious surroundings and then docking for a day or more in one place only to re-board, enjoy the joys of the ship and then disembark elsewhere. I suppose for someone trying to add extra flags to the map showing where they’d visited in the world, cruising would be a good way to do this.

From what I can gather the bathrooms alone on the ships I’ve browsed are bigger than mine at home and the number of different types of food available is staggering. Having got my head around the fact that the ship IS the holiday and not simply a rather sparkly way to travel to different countries for visits I’ve started to really come around to the idea, especially as it means no driving for Roy. The added bonus is that there are so many options for fun and/or relaxation that we could tailor our holiday according to what we fancy doing on any given day.

My question for you today is this: Have you been on a cruise, with or without children? I’d love to hear what you thought about it and whether you would book again. It does seem to tick all of the boxes as far as being what we are looking for and actually isn’t quite as expensive as I’d previously imagined.

Cruise versus Sun |Photo credit

*This post has been written in collaboration with the mentioned company yet is true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences