Desperate Organisation Needed.

This is my calm and relaxing work area which enables me to focus properly on the rather horrifically large to-do lists that seem to congregate in and around my DodoPad diary every day.


The problem with this beautiful work area is that when it comes to paperwork, it really lets me down. What you can’t see is that the lovely filing cabinet on the left is so full that you can’t extract anything from it.

What you also can’t see is that there is a huge pile of filing in the small cupboard to the right and that I daren’t open the door any more as everything will just fall all over the place.

Believe it or not I thrive on being organised. I like everything to be in its proper place and that includes my paperwork however time and a mass of paperwork has conspired against me and I’m left with a jumbled mess that will take an evening or more to plough through and I just haven’t quite got the time at the moment…..

Clearly what I need are some additional filing cabinets so that I may properly sort out my papers but more than that I need A System.

In my brain I know that I should deal with my paperwork the same way that I deal with my emails. I have filters in place (get rid of junk mail, don’t let myself get distracted until it is the right time), set aside time each day to deal with mail and papers and not be afraid to trash (or shred) anything I can’t recycle and don’t need.

“Buy new filing cabinets” is definitely on my to do list come pay day. My question for you all today is: How do you deal with your household and business paperwork?
Obviously I keep the paper to a minimum, preferring less wasteful alternatives such as digital files however can’t escape the paper altogether. I’d love to hear what everyone else does to keep on top.

It turns out office furniture can merge practical uses as well as interior design.
It turns out office furniture can merge practical uses as well as interior design.


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