Do You Love Wrestling

An odd post for me to write perhaps however there is something that you just don’t know about me and that is that I used to love wrestling. No actually getting down and dirty myself but watching proper wrestlers do their thing. For me there will never be another wrestler quite like Big Daddy.

I really did think that BigDaddy was top dog and he was such a fabulous character! Out of the ring her was known as Shirley Crabtree and was a mountain of a man standing at 6ft 2” tall and weigh in in over 26 stone. His Union Jack jacket and top hat endeared him to many and his fabulous “belly splash” move finished off many opponents.


Many don’t know that Big Daddy was actually a Yorkshireman, being born in Halifax, West Yorkshire. He died in 1997 however his memory still lives on.

Wrestling has changed somewhat since then however the stars of the show still know how to build a larger than life character and connect with their audience. My youngest brother was a huge fan of WWWF when he was younger and I’m not surprised to see that it is still as popular today as it once was, under the name WWE (world wrestling entertainment).

The name is apt as there is a lot more entertainment to WWE than there is actually sport however for those looking for fun, thrills, excitement and an excuse to holler at two fighters this is the top dog as far as show-stopping wrestling goes.

WEE is an American company however fans will be thrilled to hear that they do not have to travel to the US to get a ringside seat and closer to the action as the WWE UK tour 2013 will have top WWE names battling it out in our own O2 Arena. If you are a wrestling fan then get your tickets quickly as these will not last long.

I won’t be going, for me there aren’t any wrestlers left quite like Big Daddy but for those who fancy a real thrill this opportunity to see the key WWE wrestlers in action on UK soil is an unmissable treat.

Maybe you will find your own “Big Daddy”!