Curly Rants 14/3/19

Curly Rants 14/3/19

It’s only Thursday and it’s been one heck of a week already which has brought on one of my curly rants posts.

Storm Gareth

Gareth and I need to have a bit of a conversation about 47 mph gusts and my curly hair. Not funny and not clever Gareth. Do you have any idea how much time and hair product it took me to scrape my curls back into a bobble? Something I seldom attempt as it feels like my temples may pop out. Do you think Gareth cares? I got maybe 100 metres down the road while on the school run and the bobble snapped, flew away and I became a Cousin IT lookalike, much to the amusement of my 8 year old son. Not funny and not clever Gareth.

Idiots Walk Among Us

Last night Boris Johnson said, during an interview that any money spent investigating historic child sexual abuse is being, “spaffed up a wall”. Asides from the incredibly poor choice of words, what an absolute asshat. This week I’ve seen and heard much about how the “EU dictatorship” is ruining Britain. I could say so much about Brexit but it’s too early in the day for that. What I wiĺl say is that I’m pretty sure our problems are deep-seated and much closer to home. On a serious note folks, please use your votes carefully.

Curly Rants and Brexit

When one of my sons was little he would build up towers of blocks, knock them down and then cry when he knocked them down. He’d then build it back up and knock it back down again. And cry. And that’s ok, because he was about 18 months old. It was ok for my small person to make the same mistake over and over and be upset about it because it wasn’t hurting anyone else and he’d learn eventually that doing the same thing over and over wasn’t going to get him anywhere.

I’m waiting for the Government to realise that this farce that they call Brexit is making many people cry and having flogged this particular issue to death they really now need to learn to build the blocks up a different way and stop knocking them down. It’s pretty clear which side of the Brexit fence I sit on and while I don’t generally post a lot about politics I am hoping that the end is nigh in terms of Brexit and we can go back to trying to rebuild Britain from within the EU. And continue with plans to unseat Boris.

Social Media Outages

I didn’t realise that some of the Facebook family of apps were having a wobble until it was nearly over and only because it was pointed out to me. Now, I run a business, therefore, understand and value social media and therefore how disruption can be a pain. That said if you had been on Twitter last night. Wow. You would think that the end of days had arrived. Imagine people wandering around Walking Dead style clutching mobile phones with unrelenting error messages blinking across the screens. It would have been funny if it wasn’t a little sad. Are we really THAT addicted to social media functions? 

The College Admissions Scandal

If you haven’t heard there has been some outrage amongst the ranks this week as it has come to light more than a couple of celebs and people with money have been bending the rules peeing all over college admissions rules. These parents, a fine example to their young people I must say, have been using their influence and money to shoehorn their kids into the best colleges and universities. When I think of the people who have not got millionaire parents who may have missed out, despite having worked incredibly hard and actually deserving those places I am furious, making tbis topic ripes for one of my curly rants. I’m not surprised though.

I’m sure that I have written about this before but for those who don’t read C&C regularly I am a freelance copywriter and over the past nearly thirteen years I have been asked numerous times to write college letters, do coursework, rework dissertations and so on. Parents have wanted to pay me to do their child’s school work. They have been willing to pay me well. They were all disappointed and all left with some curly rants in their ears about ethical practices and poor parenting examples. I’m not naive, I know they will have found someone else to do it. There are businesses dedicated to producing essays for schools and colleges that can be used for homework. Shame! Did these parents and colleges act badly in allowing this to happen? Absolutely! Is the problem bigger than this one issue? Most definitely.

What do you think?

Curly Rants Over and Out

That’s me for today but I feel better getting that off my chest. What’s irritated you this week? Have a think about that while I go and find some more bobby pins and extra strength hair spray to continue my battle with Storm Gareth. Or find a hat.


Has the internet killed the high-street?

We all known that Britain has been, and still is, in the grasp of some fairly serious money problems. Redundancy, unemployment levels, businesses closing down altogether or moving production abroad seem commonplace amongst the headlines nowadays.

I read a piece today on BBC news about HMV, whom also owns Waterstones, closing 60 of their stores due to lower than expected/hoped for sales and share levels. Next have reported a £22mdrop in sales and blame it on people staying way from stores due to the snow. While I won’t deny that the snow will have had a significgant effect on Xmas shopping on the high-street this winter – I have to wonder if as a nation, we just don’t use physical stores like we did. The internet is expanding daily and what you can’t do online isn’t worth thinking about. With petrol prices going up, rubbish weather and increasingly busy lives it is no wonder that people seem to be preferring to shop online.

Myself, as much as I hate the idea of physical stores going down the pan, have to say that I much prefer online shopping. No venturing out in the bad weather, no queues, no parking, and no petrol to pay – for us it’s a no-brainer. That, and I find it so much cheaper to buy online. It is easier to compare prices, shop around for deals and special offers, get cash-back and there are so many unique internet shops/sites to browse which make shopping pleasurable again. Despite having to pay delivery on most items – this is usually much cheaper than the petrol you pay, the necessary lunch/coffee break/snack when out, and I’m sure it reduces the amount of impulse buying. Thinking about it – I can’t afford to visit the highstreet anymore!

What do you think? Has it become so much easier to buy online, to return and reorder unsuitable items and compare prices, that the high-street is dying out? I hope not, but time will tell.

My question for today is : How have your shopping habits changed over recent years and do you think internet shopping has or will take over?

Link to BBC news and the story that prompted this post.