Autumn and Winter in Comfortable Style!

When I think of autumn and winter I think of crisp leaves, warm gloves, hearty stews and fun. Wellies aren’t usually the first things that come to mind but British weather being what it is, they are essentials.

I hate wellies, they are clumpy, waxy, shapeless and for whatever reason I only ever seem to find green farmer wellies or garish ones. It’s been a bit of a dilemna to be honest. Until now. The lovelies from Charlotte and Co. have sent me some mock croc wellies to try out, and I am in love!

[slideshow id=5] Out with the old and nasty and in with the comfy yet uber sexy mock crocs! Being in a rural-ish North Yorks location I can spend whole weeks living in wellies so these are quite the find. Great for under jeans or over and retailing at £39.00 for a pair they are a winter wardrobe must.

Browsing through the Charlotte and Co website you can find a whole host of gorgeous items for outdoor and indoor. These beautiful cotton-flannel PJ’s have hit my Christmas list (Are you reading this Roy?). I was really pleased to find that these are available up to size 18 (being short with a large bum means sites that cater for smaller sizes only are no good whatsoever).

Please take a minute to have a nosy at the website, be it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, especially on the run up to Christmas. You will definitely find something suitably gorgeous. You can find the lovelies from Charlotte and Co on both Facebook and Twitter so make sure you pop and say hello and keep up to date with news and offers.

*I was sent a pair of Mock Croc Wellies to try and review. Please note I am keeping these, I am not letting them out of my sight. My sister was eyeing them up last night but she can’t borrow them. They are mine. Charlotte and Co have had no editorial input on this write-up which is based purely on my own experiences / opinions.