Pabobo Barbapapa Nightlight #review


Once upon a time my firstborn son reviewed a Lumilove Penguin from Pababo and we all fell in love with it. This particular penguin was called Jake and became an important part of his bedtime routine.

We loved this friendly nightlight because not only did it make for a fabulous bedtime comfort, it also made checking on him during the night without using the “big light” simple.

Jake the penguin charged up via the mains and glowed throughout the night yet remained cool to the touch. He had a battery that couldn’t be accessed and so was perfectly safe to have in bed for snuggles or later under the covers for some sneaky bedtime reading!

Fast foward to 2014 and my youngest is now a fan of the modern version of Jake, the Pabobo Barbapapa Nightlight. Named simply “Mr Nightlight” (Taylor’s choice) he too enjoys the soft glow and the night-time reassurance. We enjoy the easy charging option which is to plug it into any of our pcs or laptops etc via  USB charger.

Kieran showing off Taylor’s “Mr Nightlight” and the very handy USB charger!

Clearly we are fans of the Pabobo range, especially with the children enjoying them so much and it seems that we are not the only fans.


Recently the Musical Star Projector was awarded Best Sleep Aid by Loved By Parents. More information on this may be found via their press release here.

It is safe to say that when it comes to recommending this brand we are keen ambassadors. This is not because we have been lucky enough to be sent items to review but more because we’ve seen how the kids have benefited from them. We have peace of mind and they have enjoyed nightime reassurance and in the case of Jake and Mr Nightlight have found new friends.