Year I Make It Happen

I don’t do New Year resolutions. So many people, myself include use NY resolutions to set themselves dreams goals which in actual fact are more or less impossible(or very unlikely) to be actually achievable.

For example:

I will be the same weight / size as I was when I was 18 years old (It’ll take more than a year to achieve that!).

Lloyds Bank hear all sorts of resolutions and this year they are looking into ways to help put many of us on the right path and actually make it happen. To do this they have set up a nifty Facebook app to encourage users to not just decide to do something in 2014, but to get them to take ownership of their goal by putting it out there. You can decide to look at something for your home, with your money or your life.

I really like the idea of putting a goal out there, making it real and making it count. Here is mine:



Yes, in 2014 I want to make my money go further. Having decided on my master goal I will be setting myself mini goals and will be looking primarily at reusing/wasting less and being even more frugal with my food/shopping.

What would your goal be? I’d love to hear it (or better yet see it on Facebook!). Visit the Year I Make it Make it Happen page for more details and to help find support to help you with your quest.


Goals are all very well and good however some common goals are just so wishy washy or too big and therefore you may find you have set yourself up to fail before you get started.
Consider these tips when setting goals:

  • Choose your goal wisely- Choose something that means something to you, something you care enough to work at and go for it. Staying on track is harder if you are aiming for something because you feel you should do rather than because you really want to it.
  • Stay motivated – It can be hard going sometimes when you are trying to achieve something big so set smaller goals so you can tick these off as you go along and break what seems like a huge goal down into manageable chunks.
  • Celebrate successes – Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve something that gets you closer to your end goal. This can be motivating and let’s face it, if you put the work in you deserve a round of applause now and then!
  • Share your goals and get others involved – Let others know what you are planning, if you are dieting make sure they know not to keep offering you pizza. If you are saving tell your friends and perhaps some more frugal nights out could be planned. Getting everyone on board increases your chances of success.

Whatever you are aiming for in 2014 are looking forward to hearing about it (and so am I!).