A Real Woman With Real Clothing Needs

Last week I got an email from NEXT to tell me that I was their blogger of the week. After checking the email carefully to make sure it hadn’t been sent in error, I set about choosing my reward. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I was very surprised to be chosen as blogger of the week. I’m not a size 6 fashion model / cat walk expert, I’m not a fashion student and I’m not strictly speaking a fashion blogger. I don’t wear make up either (I’m guessing lip balm or Vaseline doesn’t actually count as make up?). What I am is a real woman, a plus size woman who is a curvy size 16 and who has spent years wearing the same colours and styles. The time for change has arrived.

When I was asked to join the Next Blogger Network I’ll admit to hesitating. After all, I’m no expert. What I am is a woman who is looking for affordable fashion that makes me feel good and look great. A real woman, and I am delighted that Next are a company that appreciate that and are more than happy to help me celebrate my shape and feel good without breaking the bank.  I’m on something of a mission to explore different styles, cuts, colours and materials for my “new style” and fortunately Next has plenty of all of these for me to choose from!

As my blogger of the week “prize” I decide that I absolutely MUST treat myself to a pair of the Lift and Shape Jeans that I blogged about previously. I have worn Next jeans for years because they fit great and always make me feel feminine. These jeans I am happy to report do just this, AND I look a full size smaller in them (no exaggeration). The clever cut really does lift the bum and pull in the tum and does so while providing a comfortable fit rather than one that needs a shoe horn and goose grease to get you into them and zipped up.

A Next blogger I may be, however I have never been one for crowing about something unless I feel it deserves it. These jeans certainly do, and another pair will shortly be being added to my wardrobe.

So, onwards and upwards with the quest for style discovery, and a thank you to Next, I really was thrilled for the recognition.
For anyone else who has shopped at Next before and found something they love or if you particularly fancy something you’ve seen on the Next website, do share! I’m always looking for inspiration.