A Very Proud Mummy Moment! #passiton

A very proud Mummy moment!

Kieran: Mummy… What’s that clock on your website?

Me: It’s a special timer to tell people they need to do something to help others before it gets to zero.

Kieran: What do they need to do? Do they need to click it?

Me: Yes. Can you remember why you and Taylor had to have your injections with the nurse?

Kieran: To stop us getting poorly. And I didn’t like it when they put a hole in Taylor’s arm!

Me: No I know you didn’t but he didn’t cry did he? And it’s stopped him, and you,  getting nasty illnesses. There are lots of children in the world who aren’t as lucky as you and Taylor, and where they live there isn’t enough money for them to have the injections and they sometimes get very sick.

Kieran: *Pause* Do they die Mummy?

Me: Yes Kieran, sometimes they do and it’s very sad.

Kieran: So what is the clock for??

Me: It’s reminding people to go to a special website and write their name so the people in charge of getting money for medicines and the injections for the children who need them, know that lots of people want them to help as many children as they can as quickly as they can.

Kieran: Can I put my name on the website? I can write it myself and I can tell the people that the children need their medicines!

Never a prouder moment than when my four year old considered the fact that there are children out there not as lucky as him and his brother, and asked if he could help.

My 4yr old has signed…. have you?

For anyone who has got this far and is thinking- “hasn’t she done a post about this before?”. Yes I have, and if you read the last one and signed, then brilliant – just make sure you please pass the message on. If not – please do. It’s so easy a 4yr old can do it… just click here!