Charity Collections for the Modern Age


icollectclothes, charity collections, shocked boy, surpriseDo you have a hallway table or similar littered with charity bags that have come through the door uninvited? At the moment, we have no fewer than five. FIVE! And they need leaving out on different days. I’ve long-since wondered if there was a better charity collections alternative.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand the need for charity collections and applaud the work that charities do, from running charity shops to an assortment of fundraising events, to spreading awareness, aiding research, working to change laws and so much more besides. Given that I’m clearly a fan of charities and all that they do, some might ask why I’m complaining about receiving charity bags through the door?

Basically, I don’t think they offer the most effective way of helping charities gain the much-needed funds that they need. Over the course of a month, I might receive as many as 10 different charity bags through the door. All of these bags costs money to produce. The drivers who spend time driving up and down streets in the hope of finding full bags as well as returned bags as worth their weight in gold, but again cost time and money. These bags need to be delivered too.

There has to be a better way, and there is. ICollectClothes currently has six charities on their books. Anyone with something to donate can quickly and easily book a collection via the ICollectClothes website and have their items not only picked up but used to fund their chosen charity. When working with ICollectClothes charities receive £200 for every tonne of clothing collected, without any of the rising overheads. This also frees up time for charities to spend on other valuable work.

I love this idea. A few quick clicks and you’ve arranged for your clothing to be picked up and there has been no waste in terms of numerous unwanted charity bags through your door and no wasted driver time, petrol and so on as with ICollectClothes drivers only go out when they have a collection.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. I give to charity when I can however rarely have enough clothing to fill a bag more than two or three times a year. Being able to choose in advance where I’d like my clothing, therefore my contribution to go is something that pleases me too.  I also look forward to seeing other charities signing up for the ICollectClothing service. It’s a win/win as far as I can see. This is most definitely the more efficient and more modern way to donate.