The Confidant – Helene Gremillon

I am not a fan of books that jump between the past and the present, I find that it is easy to lose the plot somewhat unless it is done in a certain way. This book, despite telling the tale from different angles, perspective, with different voices and even in different eras, keeps you gripped from start to finish.

When I received the proof copy of this book I though it looked interesting and that I was sure it was a good story I would enjoy. Interesting and good do not come close! This psycological thriller had me unable to put the book down as I felt I had to continue unravelling the mystery.

Helene Gremillon tells a tale set initially in Paris in 1975 where Camille finds an anonymous letter amongst the condolance letters she has been sent. The letter is not what she expected and they keep on coming. Camille already has enough to contend with as her own life is taking a yet unknown path, however she is drawn to the tale that the letters are spinning and she all too soon realises that they are connected to her in way she couldn’t have ever imagined.

To say any more would spoil the intrigue somewhat so I will leave the review here, despite the fact that I could write reams. If you are looking for something to fabulous to read, Helen Gremillon has pulled out all the stops in her debut novel and I am eagerly awaiting her second book which I believe she is working on now.

The Confidant, published by Gallic, is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats so don’t delay and pick yourself up a great thought-provoking read now.