Double Dippers from Mattessons – a Review

When a call went out for someone to test out some tasty snacks I was obviously at the front of the line. I work ridiculous hours sometimes starting at 4am and finishing at 11pm so that I can work full time from home, still have quality time with my family and also be flexible for when the kids need me to be. I can juggle all of this pretty well and enjoy it however when it comes to fueling my body I’m not quite so organised to be honest.

I grab (usually unhealthy) snacks because I’m hungry and because they are easy and don’t take up any time. I can run upstairs and devour whatever I have at the desk and crack on. These sorts of snacks don’t satisfy my energy needs or often my satisfaction overall and so when I was introduced to Double Dippers from Mattessons I was curious.

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I was sent these protein packed snacks which are tasty, filling and easy (and have a spork – a SPORK!) in them in four different flavours, Italian, Thai, Tikka and Classic (with a ranch dip). While not huge these snacks are enough to fulfill me without my resorting to calorie laden rubbish and the fact that they taste so good (and there is a spork) makes them a clear winner. Roy tried the Tikka flavoured snack in his lunch at work and his feedback was…

Seriously more-ish, the only problem is that I only had one in and could have eaten three!”. This is not a reflection on the snack as Roy is famed for eating two of my Mum’s Xmas dinners with ease. The man has an appetite and a half! It does speak to the quality however.


Each pack contains 100% chicken pieces, a dip/sauce and a toasted crumb crunch which together make up a tasty and convenient snack.

If asked I would usually tell you that I don’t *do* pre-bought snacks however being a healthier and more wholesome variety these are more than that and will find their way into the Cawood kitchen once more.


*This is a sponsored review with product being sent to us free of charge by Mattessons and a small fee being paid for an honest and open review.

Walkers Mighty Lights – Crisps For The Whole Family #review

“Would you like some free crisps?”

Who is going to say no to that? Walkers sent us some of their new Mighty Lights crisps to trial and I have to say we liked them.

Walkers Might LightsThe kids were suitably impressed with the three flavours we were send (ready salted, roast chicken and lightly salted) and tested them rigorously. Roast chicken came out on top as best flavour with cheese and onion not far behind.

These have been enjoyed not only at home with lunch but as part of school packed lunches and while crisps in general are considered not the healthiest snack by some lunch box critics no-one can complain about these.

Mighty Lights are made with 30% less saturated fat, no artificial colours or flavourings and are as tasty as they are healthy for an occasional snack.

The husband takes a packed lunch each day to work and also took these, he found them less oily than some crisps I’ve sent him with and apparently the flavour reminds him of proper roast chicken, not the roast chicken flavouring he is used to. I would call that a success.

I was happy to let the fellas test these out on my behalf as I am on Slimming World however was thrilled when opening my latest SW magazine to find this:

SW friendly walkers might lights

It turns out that not only are Mighty Lights great for Roy and the boys; I can enjoy them too without the guilty feeling that comes with eating crisps when on a healthy eating plan. (And I have tested them and they are brilliant! They have quite a crunch to them although are fine for my 2yr old and I love ridged crisps anyway).

You can find more about these new crisps at and our rating is a whopping 10/10. We’ve bought several packs since and they look set to be firm favourites.

For a snack that is great for all the family these definitely get the thumbs up.


*We received these bags of crisps free of charge and were asked to write an honest and impartial review of our thoughts on them. I have been paid £40 for taking part in this campaign (regardless of whether they received a positive or a negative review).