Double Dippers from Mattessons – a Review

When a call went out for someone to test out some tasty snacks I was obviously at the front of the line. I work ridiculous hours sometimes starting at 4am and finishing at 11pm so that I can work full time from home, still have quality time with my family and also be flexible for when the kids need me to be. I can juggle all of this pretty well and enjoy it however when it comes to fueling my body I’m not quite so organised to be honest.

I grab (usually unhealthy) snacks because I’m hungry and because they are easy and don’t take up any time. I can run upstairs and devour whatever I have at the desk and crack on. These sorts of snacks don’t satisfy my energy needs or often my satisfaction overall and so when I was introduced to Double Dippers from Mattessons I was curious.

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I was sent these protein packed snacks which are tasty, filling and easy (and have a spork – a SPORK!) in them in four different flavours, Italian, Thai, Tikka and Classic (with a ranch dip). While not huge these snacks are enough to fulfill me without my resorting to calorie laden rubbish and the fact that they taste so good (and there is a spork) makes them a clear winner. Roy tried the Tikka flavoured snack in his lunch at work and his feedback was…

Seriously more-ish, the only problem is that I only had one in and could have eaten three!”. This is not a reflection on the snack as Roy is famed for eating two of my Mum’s Xmas dinners with ease. The man has an appetite and a half! It does speak to the quality however.


Each pack contains 100% chicken pieces, a dip/sauce and a toasted crumb crunch which together make up a tasty and convenient snack.

If asked I would usually tell you that I don’t *do* pre-bought snacks however being a healthier and more wholesome variety these are more than that and will find their way into the Cawood kitchen once more.


*This is a sponsored review with product being sent to us free of charge by Mattessons and a small fee being paid for an honest and open review.

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  1. This reminds me of walking home from a party about 20 years ago with a girlfriend. A man who had been at the party eas walking behind us. I whispered to my friend that he looked nice. She warned me off him by saying, “don’t bother with him he’s a double dipper.” I thought it was some kind og sexual innuendo but she explained that he dipped his carrot sticks (or whatever vegetable, cracker or crisp) into the dip, took a bite and dipped again. I think that was the last time I partook of the dip at a party. LOL – beware of double dippers!

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