Putting the Curly back in Curly & Candid

Despite my blog being called Curly and Candid, if I’m being honest about the way things are I should have gone with something like Frizzy and Funny. My hair has been a bane, seriously. I have curly hair you see, but my curls are shy and for years have hidden themselves under layers of frizz.

At school I was THE SHEEP (kids can be little gits can’t they?!) and years of “Baaaaaaaaa” did nothing for my hair’s self-esteem.

I’ve tried everything up until now. I once had very long curly hair (which knotted terribly, huge cotters) and when put up every day it was so heavy it pulled the clip down and gave me a bald patch for a time. Cut short time.

I’ve dug a few pics out for illustration purposes….

Hmm bulk seems to be the keyword here
Yes, I played Goal Defence! Look at the hair!
I know, I'll beat the frizzy mess by having it cut then SHAVED up the back. What the.....??
This one doesn't look quite so bad but if you enlarge it you'll see just how well defined my hair is. I have used hair gel, man hair gel. Defined, yes and crispy... most definitely! I couldn't sit back on the sofa or lie down because the back would de-crisp and go fuzzy 🙂

There are much worse pictures floating around somewhere but I’ve “forgotten” where they are.

Now the reason for this post other than to reach out in sympathy to other curly haired frizz fighters is largely because of a conversation I had with @PanteneUk on Twitter a week or so ago. I had finally found a mousse that works, no need for gel or hairspray, no wet hair or crispy curls, and this was Perfect Curls from Pantene.

To my horror, I found out recently that they had discontinued it! PANIC!

Perfect Curls has been replaced with the new Defined Curls which I have to say is utterly brilliant but not quite as good as beating the frizz as PC was. The lovelies at Pantene suggested I try Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the new mousse and were kind enough to send me some to try. They didn’t ask me to review it but I will anyway because I am so impressed!

Move over Mona Lisa
BIG GRIN - no fuss, curls AND hold!
It even passes the baby climbing all over you test.

I haven’t gone in for what I previously considered “cosmetic” shampoos because I wash my hair every morning. I have to, I wake up looking like Goal Defence girl above so have opted for a daily use combo. Never again.

A big thanks to Pantene, for the first time in as long as I can remember I actually like my hair!

If you have any hair or Pantene product queries then give Shivani who runs their UK Twitter account a shout, she really does know her stuff!