The Future of Buying Property in Thirsk

Today I’m talking about buying houses. Not me personally, I’m pondering more on mortgages and whether my area is a good place for first time buyers. Roy and I had a conversation about this the other day as at some point, presumably, the boys are going to leave home and want to set up on their own. Granted it might not be here in Thirsk (although I’d be chuffed if it was) yet if they did, I have to wonder what options will be available to them.

The housing market has been a mess for years although now the slump seems to be recovering, new affordable properties are being built and mortgages aren’t quite as difficult to obtain as they were.  You can check out the Halifax Mortgage Calculator for more info on this.

Back to Thirsk (my fabulous home town in North Yorkshire); is this a good place for first time buyers? At the moment it certainly seems so. Thirsk, which incorporates the parish of Sowerby where we are is a medium sized rural-“ish” location which is fairly central within the county and has excellent transport links. York is 20 minutes away by train, Teesside, Middlesbrough and the rest of the North is within easy reach and for families or for commuting to work there are endless possibilities.

We have a new building project starting here called the Sowerby Gateway which will be located on the edge of our parish and will include between 100 and 150 new houses. The idea is that this housing will be affordable and will fill a gap that exists at the moment which means that there are two few homes and too many people wanting to buy or even rent. Growing up here in Sowerby I am in the “I wish they wouldn’t build on like this” camp however having two boys I can see why extra housing is needed for the future if not for those in need now.

The boys moving  out and buying their first homes is a long way off however looking at how things are now it does seem as if they will be a better position than many of our generation or older have been when looking for a mortgage and a suitably priced property.

The financial sector recognises the need for more affordable mortgages and lower deposits and there are a range of options more suited to individual needs than there ever has been before. You could potentially set up a new bank account to quality for the best deals however in the long term I would say your loyalty would be based placed somewhere that would help you when needed anyhow!

We think Thirsk is a good place for first time buyers, excellent in fact although the most most affordable properties and best locations mean nothing without the backing and support from a banking establishment that is willing to go that extra mile to secure the mortgage you need. Fortunately more affordable mortgages and banks are on the ball these day and are able to work with potential buyers.

Altogether things are looking good and for the future, I don’t think the boys will have anything to worry about to be honest.