Could Evohome Be the Answer to Rising Energy Prices

I have ranted and raved to pretty much everyone who has been willing to listen (and a few who haven’t) about how appalled I am about the extortionate amount of money UK householders are paying each year on their energy bills. Feedback on my last blog about this suggests that I am not the only one who seems to be paying a high amount, certainly when you consider how quickly energy prices have risen compared to how slowly the average income level has.

Even I however know my limitations and while I might shout, scream and sign as many petitions as I like, my direct debit (still too high for my liking regardless of which company I let bleed me dry) will still go out every month on the dot. I’m now looking for pro-active practical ways to fight the rising energy costs.

I was sent some information from Evohome last year and really did mean to look into it more closely (but didn’t and am now kicking myself).  This system looks set to revolutionise the way that we control the heat in our homes and so how much we pay to heat our homes. I hope the information below which was sent over to me from the PR company working with Honeywell / Evohome is of use to someone out there.

As someone who currently seems to heat large portions of the house when working from home all day (despite promising myself I will run round switching individual radiators off and on or up and down again) this idea does make sense.


Evohome from honeywell available for purchase

find your comfort zone with the new Evohome From honeywell


Honeywell, the heating control specialist and one of the world’s leading thermostat and heating controls manufacturers, has announced that Evohome – a new intelligent heating system that controls heating room-by-room wirelessly – is available for purchase through Honeywell’s Installer Network today.

Evohome delivers greater efficiency by using Smart Zoning technology to transform how homes are heated by offering wireless individual room controls to suit every lifestyle – allowing busy homeowners to only heat the rooms they use, rather than their whole house all of the time.  Upgrading basic timer and thermostat controls to Evohome Smart Zoning can deliver up to 40% savings on heating your home[i].


With Evohome, you can create up to 12 zones in your home that can be controlled individually for maximum comfort and energy.   According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), up to 82 per cent of a typical energy bill is attributed to home heating and hot water[ii] – so whether you are working from home or out for the evening with friends, Evohome provides an opportunity to save energy.


Evohome also combines a raft of smart technology designed to enhance your comfort. From understanding when a window is left open and adapting your heating accordingly, to learning how a house heats up and cools down throughout the year, Evohome is not just a thermostat but the “brains” of your home heating. Intuitive control functions mean settings can easily be overridden when needed, delaying the heating coming on when you arrive home late.

“In the same way you don’t only have one light switch for your entire house, we believe you shouldn’t control your heating with one single switch.” said Jeremy Peterson, GM of Honeywell’s EMEA Home Comfort & Energy Systems division. “With the right heating controls in place you really can make your home your perfect comfort zone by setting different temperatures for different rooms, at different times.

“We’ve done extensive testing proving the energy saving benefits of smart ‘zoning’ and having an accurate, real-time insight into home heating.” continued Peterson. “With uncertainty surrounding energy bills and wintery conditions across the UK, we believe it can help households make real savings on energy bills. Alongside the extra control provided by the smartphone app, it adds up to a sensible home investment for the cold New Year, allowing our customers to find their true comfort zone.”

Evohome features a free, easy-to-use mobile app that allows control of the home’s heating remotely, making it convenient to control your heating wherever you are and whenever you need it. Evohome can ensure your home is cosy and comfortable when you get back home without unnecessarily wasting energy and money whilst you’re out or away. The app incorporates a clean, simple to use design, the ability to control the home remotely, as well as simple quick actions like ‘day off’, ‘economy’ or ‘away’ to tailor the home heating to the ideal comfort zone, fast. Remote access control is available on both iOS and Android, whether on the go or on the sofa.

To make the install process as seamless as possible, Honeywell have launched System Builder, an easy-to-use tool which helps homeowners across the UK understand how they can achieve their perfect heating comfort zone as well key information on the installation process. The System Builder tool will also direct homeowners to either the Honeywell customer services team, who can answer any questions they may have, or to a local installer, enabling customers to get a personalised quote.

Coming in a range of easy-to-match colours, with a high contrast touch screen and a modern design, the Evohome Connected Pack, which includes the internet gateway, is priced from £249 RRP.

Evohome and its accessories are now available to order within the UK and Netherlands. The new Evohome controller, hot water and under floor heating kits will be available to buy from the 27th February.

[i]  Source Energy Saving Research Unit, Strathclyde University 2013 & TACMA 2013 –  Energy savings quoted were calculated using a 3 bedroom, 2 level home, located in the UK, modelling a family of 4 over a typical week’s activity, comparing a evohome smart zoning system, with recommended settings, to a system comprising of a simple timer, single non-programmable room thermostat and no Thermostatic radiator valves.  Individual Energy savings gained are dependent upon existing controls, environment and lifestyle.

[ii] Source DECC 2013


**The information above was supplied to me by a representative of the company in question. If you like the sound of this heating system tool, as I do please conduct your own research to check whether or not this is the right system for you.