Diabetic Socks for Women

Last year I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic. This wasn’t a huge shock as I had been on metformin as a pre-diabetic for three years however while this and a strict diet warded off the inevitable for a time, last summer I tipped over and as such had a whole new set of information to absorb, namely around diabetic complications.

I’m proactive in managing my diabetes however the list of things I am now at higher risk of is substantial. My dentist tells me that I have a higher risk of gum disease now. My optician has counselled me on my eye health. I’ve been for specialist retinopathy testing (which thankfully came back ok), I’m awaiting a referral for a diabetic dietician (2 x group sessions) and I’ve had my nerves checked to assess my risk of nerve damage, particularly in my feet.

Despite being pre-diabetic for a number of years I was unaware that diabetic socks for women existed. To be fair, while I was aware of the need for looking after my feet I wasn’t as clued up about anything diabetes-wise as I am now. Footcare as a diabetic, as it turns out, is no laughing matter which is where women’s diabetic socks come in.

These socks are made of a different material to ordinary socks, being made of synthetic fibres and nylon, keeping your feet dry, being snug (but not too tight) and they don’t bunch up. The socks also boast antibacterial benefits which is a bonus. What might have been a minor inconvenience sock-wise to me ten years ago, could indeed become a real issue when it comes to the risks associated with foot ulcers and more.

Despite it coming as something of a jolt I am working hard to managed my diabetes, including checking my feet (and booking myself into a chiropodist), attending appointments, wearing sensible footwear, maintaining a healthy diet and boosting my activity levels. So far so good as far as I can tell, I’ll have to report back when I have my next diabetic review. As far as I’m concerned, if diabetic socks for ladies are something my health team think will benefit me, women’s diabetic socks will replace my usual socks. It’s a small sacrifice for healthy feet and to help me avoid complications which can turn serious rather quickly.