REVIEW: Cosatto Snoozi (& my husband being a bloke/plank)

Taylor in his Snoozi keeping a watchful eye on Daddy incase he breaks anything else!!

If you were playing a word association game and someone said “Cosatto” I’m guessing your reply would be pram, buggy or stroller. Did you know that they also have a fantastic range of highchairs, lowchairs, travel cots and more? When I first heard of Cosatto I didn’t but am very glad I do now.

Recently I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Taylor had a little throw-up on his bouncer chair, so I took off the cover and washed it. The job of putting it back on fell to the Husband. The scene went a little like this…

Me: Do me a favour sweetheart and put the cover back on

Roy: (Manly grunt) Of course dear

Me: Be careful with it, it’s a beggar to get back on.

Roy: (Cocky) It’ll be fine.

After watching the manly man struggle with the cover I warned him…

Me: be careful you don’t rip the cover, it really can be a pain to get on, do you want me to get the instructions?

Well that was like asking if he wanted to pull over for directions!

Roy: (Irritated) I know what I’m ………….. RIP

Me: You are a plank!

So Taylor was now bouncer-less (he spends a lot of time in his chair and loves it) and Roy has been shoo’ed off with his tail between his legs. Thankfully the lovelies at Cosatto stepped in and send me this to try out:

And we adore it!!!

So bright and colourful, and Taylor loves the toy bar, which can be removed, (these included two teddies come off so you can attach any favourite toy you have). It’s sturdy, easy to put together (which I did, on my own, without manly “help”), and as well as being easy to wash, the cover is easy to put back on. No phd required.

We liked our “old” bouncer and I was sad to see it go but in addition to the above this one has two distinct advantages (for me). The hardness fastens on two sides and is adjustable which when you have a lanky 12-weeker like I do is a must, otherwise a slack hardness would mean his feet on the floor already! The second plus point is that this seat is more upright than our original. At 12 weeks Taylor is already so inquisitive, he loves seeing what is going on around him and can do this more easy with the Snoozi whilst still being properly supported.

For those of you with girls who would like a more feminine design (although I think funky bright colours work whatever the gender), the Snoozi also comes in pink, Lazi Daisi.

The Jolly Jelly Snoozi is currently available to buy from Amazon for £28.09 (offer), and from other baby item retailers.