The King Of Turkey (Yummy!)

Yummy! (Obviously I mean Marco as well as the turkey!).

Yummy! (Obviously I mean the turkey not just Marco!)

The luscious Marco Pierre is the new Bernard Matthews Farms Turkey Ambassador. Ok it’s not the sexiest title, I’ll give you that, but an important one. The new Bernard Matthews Farms campaign is all about swapping your usual meat with turkey for a great tasting, healthy alternative and focuses on changing your usual everyday family meals to include this often overlooked meat!

Marco Pierre White (yummy) features in this brilliant new advert for Bernard Matthews Farms, which is a completely unscripted short conversation between himself and Martin Kemp (Think Spandau ballet or for soap watchers, he was on Eastenders a few years ago) whilst they tuck into a meal Marco has made them. Brilliant! During their chat (oh to be at that table!) Marco talks about turkey and his comments include:

  • “Tender, with great texture” (Much like Marco’s gravelly voice)
  • “Turkey is without a doubt, the king of birds”
  • “Turkey has less fat, & great flavour” (If you don’t like your birds fatty Marco, I’m back at Weight Watchers now – won’t take long before I’m at my target!)

Well if Marco says it, I’m not going to argue!

Have a watch for yourself.

I’m going to move on now before I end up with a restraining order! The Change Your Meat Not Your Menu website is packed with information on how using turkey to replace the mean in your everyday meals is easily achieved and explains the health benefits, including having less saturated fat in your diet.

One turkey recipe that is very popular in our house is:

Easy Turkey Stirfry.

One pack of stirfry veg (available prepacked from supermarkets)

500g turkey breast


Oil -a nice oil such as stirfry oil (currently 77p in Tesco) for extra flavour

Spring Onions

Sesame Seeds

Cashew nuts

Rice or noodle, or rice noodles if you can’t decide.

In a hot wok, add your chopped spring onion and throw in your turkey and cook through, add the extra mushrooms and stirfry veggies, and just before they are done, add your *sesame seeds & *cashews. It’s that easy. Serve with rice or noodles for a quick, easy, filling and nutritious

As a family we recognise the health benefits (and taste benefits) of substituting some of our usual meats for turkey. For me as a Weight Watcher member and for the family, looking to ensure they eat a healthy and balanced diet, we will be looking through Marco’s recipes for more turkey dishes!

*Not suited for people with allergies.

This is a Sponsored Post however my post is true to what I personally believe, that we need more turkey in our diets as opposed to fattier meats, and that Marco is indeed, yummy.

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