MADS Blog Awards – And Me Pimping Myself!

MAD Blog Awards 2011

Holy hell!!!

I have been nominated in 5 categories for the MADS Blogger Awards.

  • Best MAD Blog Writer,
  • Best New MAD Blog,
  • Best MAD Blog For Family Fun,
  • Most MAD Family Life Blog
  • Parentdish Blogger Of The Year!

I really am quite overwhelmed to be honest. Curly & Candid has only been online since July 2010 so for people to be reading it regularly, let alone actually like it enough to nominate it is well, overwhelming. *sniff*

Now this is the bit I’m not overfond of. This is where I have to pimp myself lol. The way the awards work is that the 5 blogs with the most nominations in each category get into the Final to face the judging panel. So, if you have a minute or two, enjoy Curly & Candid and would like to nominate me in any or all of the above categories – please do!

It really is very easy. To nominate, visit here and enter the curly&candid URL ( ) into any of the categories  you think it deserves a nomination.

If you do nomine, then thank you so much, and if you don’t – thank you anyway for popping along to visit. Curly&Candid wouldn’t mean anything if not for people visiting to have a read.