Covering all Bases

We’ve decided against a “Big Holiday” this year. Rather than taking a week out to go somewhere we’ve decided that the UK has much to offer by way of day trips. We are very lucky living here in North Yorkshire because we have so much to see and do and new adventures are just around the corner. We are an hour away from the beautiful Yorkshire coastline, ten minutes from the North Yorkshire Moors, have castles and a wide range of historical and modern places to explore. This year, we are staying put and taking in the local sights and sounds.

Of course, as any parent knows when travelling with kids for a day trip where you will be perhaps two hours away from home you need to have a “just in case” list. This list includes everything from breakdown cover to spare clothing. We have never broken down when out with the kids yet *touch wood* however I can’t imagine the horror of being stuck on a roadside at the end of a long day at the beach with two very tired children and facing a huge tow bill. That is why the AA breakdown cover is an essential for us.

Spare clothing, snacks, the first aid kit (checked that it is well stocked), change for parking, sun cream, sun hats, coats and warm jumpers, spare socks, plenty to drink and the list goes on. Despite not being in the Brownies or Guides as a child I still believe very much in being prepared.

As you can see here we love getting out and about with the boys, whether we are enjoying indoor fun or the great outdoors. Living in a rural area makes it easy to find wide open green spaces, places to climb and forests to explore however for me to truly relax and enjoy the day I have to have all my bases covered. Roy laughs at me but he understands that if I don’t have my huge checklist ticked off and double checked before we set off that I’ll have that slightly anxious feeling that comes with not being quite sure if you’ve got everything.

Handsome little fellas

It is probably just as well actually that we are not flying abroad otherwise my checklist would be more of a notebook full. Instead we are going to explore all that the National Trust has to offer us,  will hit Whitby and Staithes amongst other seaside towns and get out and about with the Forestry Commission. Provided we have our “just in case” list and everything packed up I’m sure we’ll have a cracking summer (I am very optimistic about the summer weather, can you tell?).

I have to ask, for all of those other parents with “The Checklist”, what is the one thing that you would be lost without when going away from home for the day or weekend? Is it a camera, snacks for the car or something else?

Out, about and worry free

*Written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.