FEATURE:Munchie & Millie Goes Large! Exciting new venture in the North East

If you have been on my Facebook or anywhere near my twitter you will have heard of munchie & millie! After many a toddler/preschooler filled day I have raided my regular box of heaven for luscious soaps, bath creamers and the like to help me unwind and get me back on track. As far as I am concerned munchie & millie is angel-run and I am a keen supporter!
You cannot imagine my joy (picture a curly haired banshee running around her living room, screeching down the phone) when I was told that the North East was soon to be launching a fantastic new venture- and run no less by my own (original) Angels of the North!.
Being the hard-hitting journalistic blogger I am (!) I hunted down Andrea & Mel to tell you a bit more!

A&M: Hello! As Nicki says – munchie & millie has been around for almost two years. Up until now we have mainly sold gorgeous handmade bath products via our website and at events around the North East. We are very excited to be celebrating the birth of our new brand, munchie & millie at home by having a launch party on the 16th of September. We’re planning fizz, fun, cupcakes and a ride on a vintage double decker bus, as well as introducing our new At Home range. The new range is made up of all kinds of gifts aimed at women who share the munchie & millie sense of style and fun. So as not to spoil the surprise, we’re keeping the new stuff under wraps until the big night.

Nicki: Secret?? Secret!! I’m a very calm kind of person usually but may quite possibly EXPLODE if we didn’t get a few sneak peeks!
A&M: Ok, Ok (God forbid Nicki should explode! Think of the mess, not to mention the follow-on blog!). To keep her nibs happy we’ve attached a couple of photos from the new range. We’ve got doormats, cake stands, mugs, hats and scarves… you name it! All the kinds of thing that you might buy for your best friend or your sister or yourself, in fact, for anyone who appreciates gorgeous girlie style.

Nicki: Well I for one think the preview items look fabulous! Now the At Home range- how do we (meaning how do I) get our hands on these luscious items?

A&M: m&m at home is just that, home based. To begin with we’re looking for 5 fantastic consultants, who are based in the North East who will be ready to start work as soon as we launch, displaying and demonstrating the new range at a customer’s own home, on a party plan/direct sales basis. Our consultants will be very important to us, as they will represent munchie & millie to the rest of the world, and often will be the only direct contact that customers have with our company. For this reason we have a recruitment process to make sure that that the people who join our team are not only exceptional but share our passion and enthusiasm for all things munchie & millie.
Nicki: Sounds good- thanks Andrea and Mel. As Andrea & Mel have said, they have limited positions available to add to their existing consultants and wish to initially build a strong group of representatives in the North East before branching out further into the UK so if you are in, or know of someone in the North East who is looking for a new challenge then please get in touch with Mel at mel@munchieandmillie.com or phone: 0793 155 9913 for more information or an informal chat Andrea and Mel aim to get their consultants trained up and familiar with the full range in time for the launch so they can hit the ground running once September comes and those Xmas parties start flooding in so don’t delay and get in touch now for more information!