Signs You’re Vulnerable to Cyber Security Threats

Get Your Brand Noticed, Signs You're Vulnerable to Cyber Security Threats

Most of the time, a cybersecurity threat is identified through a risk assessment that your IT company puts through your business. These are assessments that are used to identify any of your vulnerabilities. You may think you have a watertight system for your security, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true. 

Signs You’re Vulnerable to Cyber Security Threats – Assess Your Risk Level

When these assessments take place, they are prioritised based on risk levels. The cyber response exercises that your IT team put in place will help you with a number of your business goals. Understanding your assets, and deciding what a data breach would have the greatest impact on in the business. Identifying cybersecurity threats are all very important. When you identify the cybersecurity threats, you can evaluate the potential impact of each threat and then highlight those vulnerabilities internally and externally. But how can you tell you are at risk of a cybersecurity attack?

Signs You’re Vulnerable to Cyber Security Threats – You Don’t actually Have a Strategy in Place.

If you don’t currently have a cybersecurity strategy in place, then you are very likely to be more vulnerable to attack. When you read about things such as hacks and big data breaches, they tend to be about big companies. It’s very easy to consider that your small businesses won’t be as targeted as you think. Unfortunately, that’s really not the case and everybody is a potential target. The only way you can mitigate this risk is by having strategies in place

Warning – You Haven’t Updated Your Operating System

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology, which is why you should be outsourcing your IT or your technology or you should be hiring an expert. It’s tempting to consider that you might be better off sticking with what you know, but what you know is going to be old hat in no time at all. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, which means that you need to ensure that your technology is just as sophisticated if not more so. They work to find weaknesses in software, so you need to ensure you are keeping up with your operating systems.

Signs You’re Vulnerable to Cyber Security Threats – You Haven’t Backed Up Your Data

When was the last time you ran a data check on your business? And when was the last time you backed it up properly? If you don’t back it up then you will increase the potential of risk of a cyberattack. Ransomware attacks block access to your data and they ask you for money in return for returned access. The longer you leave it before backing things up, the more valuable the ransomware attack will be.

Not Providing Your Employees with Their Own Devices is a Security Risk

When people are using personal phones and computers for work there is a big risk to your business. You cannot guarantee that the right security systems and firewalls are in place on those devices. This puts you at risk. If you don’t want your business to be vulnerable make sure you are providing people with the right devices.

Take proactive steps to access risk levels.  Putting protections in place is the best way to guard against a cyber security threat.



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