Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained

Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained

Are you getting kept up by things that go bump in the night? Strange sounds in the walls can be alarming, but they could have a logical explanation. Strange sounds in your home explained away sensibly may save you money on getting an exorcist in or moving house. Joking aside, unwelcome noises are not fun so why not consider some of these explanations…

Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained: Scratching

Scratching sounds in the walls are usually a sign that creatures are living in there. The most common pests to lurk in walls are mice and rats. Other signs that you have these pests may include droppings on the floor or signs of chewing on cardboard containers. Pest control services should be able to determine if you have mice or rats and may be able to lay down traps.

Other pests that could cause scratching may include birds, which can sometimes nest inside walls. Bird removal services may be needed to remove these birds. Bats and cockroaches could be other culprits (although they tend to be a lot rarer).

Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained: Whistling

Whistling noises in the walls can be due to a variety of causes. If it’s a windy day, it’s possible that drafts could be getting into the cavity walls through tiny cracks and causing the whistling. Sealing up these cracks could prevent air getting in. Another common cause could be pressure hammer caused by air pressure in the pipes. Getting rid of this air pressure may involve cutting off your water supply and then draining the pipes.

Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained: Banging

If there’s a banging noise coming from your walls, it could be water hammer. This is when water slams against a closed valve, usually after just turning off a tap or flushing the toilet. Modern pipes tend to all contain air chambers for preventing water hammer, but sometimes these chambers can lose their air. Draining your home’s pipes could help to let air back into these air chambers and prevent your pipes from making that awful banging noise.

Strange Sounds In Your Home Explained: Gurgling

Gurgling noises could also be the result of trapped air in pipes. A common cause is air trapped in radiators, which can lead to groaning and gurgling. To prevent these noises, you should try bleeding your radiators. Every radiator should come with a bleed valve which you can open using a radiator key – this can help to get out the excess air causing the gurgling. If the sound is coming from internal pipes, you may want to consider hiring a plumber as this could be a much more technical job. 

 See, no need to burn the house down or get a paranormal investigator in. Feel better now?

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