Choose Your Office Chair Wisely

Looking to revamp your home office? Start with a good solid chair.

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There are so many plus points to working from home. There are downsides of course, for example at this time of the year I look like a crazed courier fan with so many of them knocking at my door (I receive the odd parcel for work so they all know I’m at home which means any of my neighbour’s Christmas shopping deliveries end up here until they come home).

One of the key upsides for me, after flexibility and being your own boss of course, is being able to work where you want and how you want.

I use a laptop for work so sometimes, on days like today when it’s nippy and I’m that way out, you’ll find me working on the sofa in front of the fire. Once or twice I’ve worked on (or in) my bed. Now while these perks do tickle me from time, as someone who works full time from home as a freelance copywriter I can tell you that a proper office space is a must.

I’m not saying you need an extra room in your house even however, having a dedicated area to work is important. It helps keep you motivated, improves productivity and above all is better for your health.

If you spend as much time on the internet (Pinning office pictures on Pinterest) as I do you will no doubt have come across some beautiful examples of home offices that really do look gorgeous. I fawn over them as much as the next person however, I’ve got to say that the most important piece of furniture in my office is my chair. Not the most sexy choice but a decent chair and an ergonomically designed desk is perfect for posture, reducing eye strain, reducing the risk of RSI and more.

I don’t have fabulous posture, I have a rotator cuff injury that I’ve been told is RSI / work related (the way I sit and the hours I work) and both of these could be helped with a decent and properly set up chair.

My faithful office chair has been fabulous however it has seen better days now and doesn’t quite offer the same support. I’m in the market for a new one and to be honest want one that looks as good as it feels (I spend enough time in the office so deserve it). While I’d love one of these swanky boardroom tables my space and my business does warrant it just now, which probably means convincing Roy that I need one of those huge refillable water dispensers isn’t going to happen either.

Joking aside, a decent chair is important, as this fantastic ebook shows (lots of pictures and not too long so worth a look) for the practical as well as the mental. So my sage advice for today is to look after your bottom first when reorganising or furnishing an office.

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