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When the lovely Brenda from Green Familia (and Wikaniko) told me about a way for people to get a monthly or one-off box of eco-goodies I was instantly intrigued. If I am honest, I do not live an entirely eco-friendly life yet do understand the benefits of doing so therefore am making changes little by little. Introducing eco-friendly products into your life isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people start their eco-journey by switching lights off, then swapping their washing powder and cleaning products. This is a great start however, as I now know, there is a wealth of everyday products and items that you can add to your life that work just as well as their non-eco counterparts.

Brenda sent me a selection of eco-goodies to have a nosy at…..

Our favourite items (although all are fabulous!) from this box include:
Gourmet (smelly!) 100% recycled pencils. Needless to say that as soon as these were spotted they were pinched by the 6yr old who is yet to work out what the mystery scent is for one of the pencils.



The EcoButton!
This nifty device saves power and money by reminding you to switch off your pc or laptop which it is not in use (it lights up) and is an easy to use USB connecting piece of equipment.

The monthly eco-boxes, filled with a variety of ec0-items such as those pictured above cost £19.99 per box plus £3 p&p. Each of the eight themed boxes (and a mystery box) will contain a minimum of 8-10 eco friendly items. For every mystery box you order you will get a stamp and after you accrue 6 stamps you will get a free box.

To find out more about the scheme visit the website and also the TGF Eco Gift Box blog which will also feature products, information and guest posts all helping you to live a more natural life.

An example of the contents of one of the Eco Boxes you may choose
An example of the contents of one of the Eco Boxes you may choose

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