To Butlins or Not to Butlins?

Forgetting for a moment that it is actually closer to Christmas than it is to anything else, I want to talk about our next holiday which hopefully will be February half term. Our last holiday was in Staffordshire and included a Travelodge, Thomasland / Drayton Manor and assorted day trips. It was great fun however I’m looking for something a little more this time around.

Camping is a no go. I have done my stint and anything that involves hand sized spiders in the shower block, mud in my bed or having to walk a mile to go to the loo during the night (which post-children could mean at least twice) is not my idea of a fun or relaxing holiday. In fact, camping with kids is right up there on my list of horrors next to hosting a birthday party in a soft play centre.

Clearly we need an alternative. We’ve considered going abroad however to be completely honest as Taylor is only two we’d rather wait another year or so and take them both when they are old enough to appreciate it. We considered getting a holiday cottage by the sea, an idea that is still a contender, however there is then the worry about the weather and what day trips and what not you can enjoy whether it is throwing it down or not.

We are now considering Butlins. There are a lot of bloggers who have been to Butlins, have tweeted or posted about their experiences and I’m intrigued. These are not reviews from random people on a holiday website but real experiences from people whom I have got to know via their blogs as they have with me through mine.

I love the historical aspect of Butlins too. Clearly the fact that they have been offering family holidays for so many years (and continue to do so) has to be a testament to them getting something right? The apartments look fabulous, and we could get away with a two bed (brothers can share!) and that gives us a lounge and what not to relax in. There are loads of sport and activities on every day and by February I should be able to get into a swimming costume without a shoe horn so the indoor  Waterworld sound fantastic. There are also live shows that we’ll all love and of course won’t get rained off, and simply loads for the boys (including Pingu and Mike the Knight. Who doesn’t love Pingu?!).

On paper it sounds absolutely perfect. Something for everyone, long hot showers with no beasties and no extra driving for Roy searching for museums, parks and what not. What I want is your opinion… to Butlins or not to Butlins? (And please, do not try and convince me that I should give camping another go! *shudders*).



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  1. Butlins is a great option for a family half term holiday.

    I grew up with family holidays to Butlins Bognor Regis…we went every year and i have very fond memories of those holidays. Even now we go as a family with my nieces and nephews on a yearly basis as it caters for children so well. It allows them independence in a safe environment and plenty to do. My eldest niece is 12 and the youngest is 2.5years and none of them are ever bored.

    The only negative is that it gets expensive the older the children get. The Bognor Regis resort has some fantastic outdoor equipment for older children however it soon adds up at up to £10 a go! The number of free activities has considerably reduced from what i remember as a child (i could spend all day out doing activities without spending anything), but there are still plenty of activities for the youngsters (little fair ground rides, an activity play centre and lots of shows etc) that are free but the arcade machines and little rides soon add up if they appeal to your kids. Plus there is the swimming pool with slides etc which is free. The evening entertainment is always good too with plenty of variety.

    The hotels are very good and the food was always good.

    I would recommend Butlins but make sure you have plenty of spending money! 🙂

    1. Thanks for such a brilliant comment! My two are 2yrs and 6yrs so I’m sure there will be something for them both. I didn’t realise the swimming pool was free which is a bonus.
      I’ll take your “spending money” tip on board – must start saving £2 coins again 🙂

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