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Spit and you’ll miss it is a popular phrase locally and it applies very well to the school summer holidays. It seems just two minutes ago that we were finishing sports day, carrying home arm-fulls of gym kit, junk models and work from over the year and getting ready for a long hot summer holiday.

To be fair we have actually been quite lucky weather-wise in the UK for once as we definitely had more than our usual share of sun and even our own heatwave. That is clearly long gone now and many are already craving the return of the heat now the temperature has started to drop and the lure of last minute holiday deals are very tempting.

I’m not sure that we’ll fit in a holiday abroad between now and the end of the holidays(it will take me that long to find Kieran’s missing plimsoll and label everything up!) however I can see why the idea of grabbing a bargain deal and jetting off is tempting.

Personally I am more of an autumn gal than a summer lover however this year after what seemed like the longest and coldest (ask my energy provider how cold, they have rubbed their hands in glee at how often I needed the heating on) winter for a long time even I was ready for a decent bit of summer sun! Unbelievably we had snow somewhere in the UK (like here in Yorkshire) every single month between October and April!

Whinging about the past winter in true British-weather-hating style is counter-productive to be honest; we all know what to expect however as the Summer comes to a close and Autumn says hello I can see why friends and family (and half of my social media contacts) are researching already.

Some are pre-booking for next summer, I suppose giving them something warm and sunny to look forward to. Others however, remembering like myself just how miserable last winter was are getting ready to jet away during the October half term when they have families with school age children, for Christmas or just take a break from the wet, wind and cold and escape for a week away.

Are you someone who is dreading the darker nights and are already looking for a sun-filled escape or are you like me and actually look forward to autumn with her red and gold leaves and smoky smell? I can wait until after the winter for my next decent dose of sunshine however can certainly understand why some can’t!


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*This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet is true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

All original content on these pages is fingerprinted and certified by Ordering Tramadol From Mexico