Indra A4 Embossed And Stoned Leather Journal

When Not On The High Street (NOTHS) got in touch and asked if I would like to review something up to the value of £50 from across their site, I nearly passed out with excitement. I adore the items they stock and think that being able to buy from independents in this way is a great way to shop.

I decided to buy some art work, then I thought I’d get something as a treat just for me, then I found the Christmas stuff, and then the fashion ranges…. needless to say that I was browsing all evening with a wishlist as long as your arm saved in my basket at the end of it. What I chose in the end was a gift for my husband, Roy.

Unlike myself, Roy is hugely creative, he writes, sings, plays guitar, writes songs and is a fabulous artist. As the review request came through a couple of days before his birthday I thought I’d see if I could find something as an extra treat and was thrilled when I found this:

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The images here don’t actually do the item justice so have a look at the product page for more info.

The Indra A4 Embossed And Stoned Leather Journal which would normally retail at £34.95 is a perfect gift for someone like Roy. The quality is undeniable, it looks fabulous, it feels great and is useful, or it will be, once he decides what he wants to use if for (I think he is still at the “it is too lovely to spoil by using” stage).

This item ticks all of the boxes for me too as it is an eco-friendly and fair trade product. The paper for example is made via a charity in India that support the provision of education for women in the area. Even the Khadda paper is recycled as it is handmade from leftover cloth from the garment industry.

The journal arrived on the morning of Roy’s birthday and he was thrilled, and I mean THRILLED! He has even taken it to work to show a couple of mates (who have all cooed over it!). I would call that a win, and I will definitely be buying  gifts in the future from NotOnTheHighStreet, especially now I’ve seen for myself an example of what they sell.

So, thanks NOTHS, you have made my husband very happy! If anyone has any questions about NOTHS then why not give them a shout on Twitter or visit their Facebook page.


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  1. oh that is a REALLY lovely notebook. The only trouble with something like that is, as you say, it almost feels to nice to use. You don’t want to spoil it with any old rubbish. This is why I have a backup notepad from the 99p shop which gets the scribbles, and any more erudite thoughts get upgraded to a better class of notebook. These things matter when it comes to stationery!

  2. You know how evil it is to post these things for me to read?? It’s REALLY EVIL, Nicki!!! *whimpers*
    God that website is full of such pretties, I don’t even know where to start! >_<

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