Back To School With Clarks

Hand up if you had Clarks school shoes? I did and still remember feeling very smart and very special in my “princess” shoes,

Both of my boys have started shoe-life in Clarks and have continued to enjoy their shoes as they’ve grown older.With Clarks, you don’t only get a fabulous looking pair of school shoes, you get shoes that are designed to support growing feet. We always get the boy’s feet measured professionally to ensure that they are in the right size and this is what happened when we visited our local Clarks’ retailer recently. We went armed with a £40 voucher courtesy of Clarks who wanted us to treat ourselves to a pair of snazzy school shoes and review the overall process of getting fitted and buying our shoes.

Take one child that refuses to smile sweetly at the camera for you.


Take one super-friendly, knowledgeable and professional shoe-measuring lady.
Let the NOW smiling sweetly child entertain himself in the child-friendly store while you wait for your selection of suitable shoes to arrive.


Watch while the super-lovely lady helps your child try on the shoes he prefers, checks them to ensure the fit is correct and lets him have a walk around in them.



Voila! You find yourself with a pair of great-fitting, hard wearing school shoes that you know will last! Kieran is really pleased with his “Cool” school shoes and I am happy in the knowledge that the health of his feet are in good hands with Clarks.

There is a fantastic range of school shoes available from Clarks. To view the ranges and find your local Clarks store, visit the website.

*Clarks sent us a £40 voucher to redeem against some shoes. This write up is based on our own experience of being fitted for, buying and wearing Clarks shoes.

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