Celebrating the curves in clothing that FITS!

Despite the fact that I never seem to stop  running around I am not shaped like a stick figure. While I want to lose a bit of weight for health reasons I’m actually quite proud of my curves, I just wish I didn’t have such problems dressing them!

My size has teethered around the 18-22 mark for years (obviously I’m blaming the children), and being short and portly has not lent itself to nice well fitting clothes. I often find that an item in a size 10  looks stunning but that after size 16 the same item seems to have lost all shape and cut and closely resemble a tent, why is that? Even now as a 16-18 (for the first time in years folks, I’m wearing the size labels on the outside of the clothing), I can struggle at times.

I was offered the opportunity recently to review an item of clothing from Castaluna, a clothing site dedicated to those of us who are size 14 and above. I’ll admit, I started browsing expecting the usual, tent-like gaudy blouses etc but was very pleasantly surprised! After hours I had finally decided what I fancied and chose a simple but well cut sweater. I chose the Sweater trimmed with metallic threads (beige is what I chose but it’s a warmer colour than that which works brilliantly!) – the detailing is fantastic, with a round scoop neckline, rolled edging with metallic threads, shoulder seaming (metallic) and gorgeous cuffs! This item retails at £39.00 and in my opinion is worth every penny (and I am known for being thrifty so wouldn’t spend that if I didn’t feel it was good value).

I was somewhat apprehensive when it arrived but was not disappointed. I love it! I feel slinky and it has SHAPE! This top is gorgeous over jeans with boots for everyday well dressed wear and with a bit of bling (yes, bling) and some higher heels would not look out of place in any bar or restaurant. I have washed this and tumble dried it just just fine. It is clearly going to be a key item in my wardrobe and I will be browsing Castaluna again because I really am pleased with the sizing and carefully chosen ranges. I don’t see why anyone should stop wearing gorgeous well fitting clothing after a size 14, and it seems neither do the lovelies at Castaluna.

The stock photo really doesn’t do this top justice and despite my having paraded around the house in numerous different lights and with several different diva poses neither do my own. You’ll have to take my word for it 🙂

If you are struggling to find clothing for the over 14 bracket but don’t want another kaftan or oversized and shapeless jumper then look Castaluna up. I’m glad I did.


*I was asked to review an item of clothing of my choice from the website. I got to keep this item regardless of my findings. This review is based purely on my findings as a plus size woman fed up of wearing poor quality, bad fitting clothing!

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