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There is no point having a personal blog if from time to time you can’t use it to shout about how absolutely fantastic your kids are.

Today Kieran is being hailed as something of a media tart….

First of all he is featured as a book reviewer on the fantastic Tesco Magazine website. This is a great resource for finding age appropriate books that suit your child’s interests and reading levels but also books that have been reviewed by those who know what’s what… the kids.

Great books and great reviews from the Kids Book Club on the Tesco Magazine Website

Secondly, Kieran is featured in a video on the National Railway Museum website. We had a fantastic day a couple of week’s back aboard the Santa’s Christmas Steam Adventure at he NRM at York. A few children were asked what they thought of the adventure,  (Kieran is first up and features two more times – he was so nervous to start with!).

Fabulous! (You’ll get it if you’ve watched it).

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  1. It’s not boasting it’s being proud of a terrific little boy. This is a comment from someone who’s parents never praised in case we should, God forbid, become big-headed. I intend to declare my pride, when it’s due, from the rooftops. Well done for sharing.

  2. That is fantastic Nicki! And thanks for putting me on to the Tesco Website. My girl would love that, and we are already struggling with book ideas given that she is able to read Jacqueline Wilson but I don’t want her to as she’s only just 7. Will check it out now 🙂

  3. The expression and satisfaction on the kids faces are priceless. I always enjoy listening to the stories of things that made them happy. It made me happy looking at the video. Thank you for sharing and I hope you can visit me at derivatives.

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