Dear Kieran, A Year Has Passed

 Dear Kieran,

This time last year you finished pre-school and we were looking forward to a long, sunny (yeah, sorry about that!) and special summer holiday before you started “Big School!”. As well as your last summer before putting on the ever so slightly too big uniform, it was also our last summer with just the two of us, as already your brother was growing big in my tummy. It was a great summer and I was quite sad, but very proud when you walked into the classroom for the first time alone, bookbag and lunchbox in hand.

What a year! You went in as a barely 4yr old, being a summer baby, who could write his name and knew some numbers and letters and have come out as a confident five year old, who, according to your school report is doing excellent work and has come on so much! Your reading astounds me – you’ve always had a love of books and stories, the same as your Dad and I, but to hear you reading books to us, with such big words…. it’s an eye-opener!

You have experienced so much in one school year! You’ve done pond dipping, visited a science museum, taken part in your first sports day (yes, terribly unfair to have to run on your birthday, I know!) and made a volcano erupt. The art you brought home in September (which was very cute, but a bit hard to work out sometimes!) is so different to the detailed drawings and words that come home now! (By the way, the letters you write to me at school that say you love me, that you bring home in decorated envelopes… VERY cool… you can still do those next year!). You have starred in a school play, a nativity and a class assembly (well done you!) and we are so proud of the boy you are becoming!

One year, a mere 12 months and you have grown so much! It’s a tiny but sad for me because I have to realise you aren’t a baby anymore but all the same great to see you come on as you have!

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Love and hugs, Mummy xxx

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  1. What a lovely post. We’ve had a great reception year, too, but I think Yr1 may come as a bit of a shock!

    1. I’m guessing so, next year Reception & Yr1 are in 3 mixed classes here so it’ll be a bit different as YR1 are taken off for numeracy & literacy etc but still…. a whole year, how did THAT happen?

  2. What a lovely post and great for him to look back on when his older. My daughter was in reception this year its amazing how they move on so quickly. I wish your little man a great year one with as much success as this year.

    1. Thank you, I plan to – they are both growing and changing so quickly which is lovely to see in one way but is happening way to fast for Mummy!

  3. Hope he enjoys Year 1. When my son left Reception last year, he never actually rebelled but he told me he didn’t like Year 1 as much because there was less play. Now, he’s telling me that he’s looking forward to Year 2 because “they get to do harder things in Year 2 and I like that”.

    It is amazing how much they come on in Reception. I’ve been through it twice in consecutive years and it never ceases to amaze me. School hold a celebration evening and in front of all the Reception class books, they have two pieces of paper – one with their name written by them last September and one with their name written now. The difference is amazing – Missy Woo’s was so beautifully neat and it was her full name rather than just her first name (which is long so she was doing well to be able to write it at just over 4.)

    I tell Missy Woo that she’s not a baby anymore but she’ll always be my baby. She likes that!

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