Review – Little Dish Beef & Spinach Cannelloni

When I told Kieran that the lady from Little Dish wanted to send him something new to try his response was  “Wow – she’s great – I think I could KISS her!”. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach lol! Oh to be 4yr old again!

I am a big fan of the Little Dish meals, they are convenient, easy to make, and I am confident that there is no rubbish in them (sorry but ready meals are renowned for being packed with additives, sugar and salt – but these are not). I was however a bit wary about how Kieran would take to this particular recipe as spinach can be quite stringy.

It appears he didn’t have any such reservations:

As always, a perfect meal, just the right size and it wasn’t sloppy as some cannelloni / pasta type dishes can be. Kieran liked the new flavour and there were no stringy spinach bits to be seen! The new flavour gets a big thumbs up from the Cawood household.

More information on Little Dish meals and pouches their range, as well as nutrition tips and more can be found on their website.

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