Homebirth #2 – The results are in!

I was overwhelmed recently when I blogged about my difficulty around my birth choice this time (I am due with No2 early in Dec) as I received so many fab comments and messages (read the original blog and comments here)

Well, the results are in and……a homebirth it is! It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly, I’m quite conservative really but in truth, I’m quite excited!!  On asking hubby his opinion (it’s his living room too lol) he was fabulous and said “I am not the one pushing our beautiful baby out into the world, you are the one doing all the hard work, so whatever you feel most comfortable with, is fine by me”. Good man!! We actually watched my sky+’d programme from BBC3 entitled Cherry Has A Baby, which was a fabulous hour long documentary about 7 women and their experiences, worries, fears, and in some cases their birth’s together (Thanks to this fab blog telling me about the programme, I’d have missed it otherwise ), and having watched a home waterbirth – he was so impressed, and was up and googling birth pools as soon as it had finished!! I hadn’t previously considered a birth pool before to be honest. My first labour was very spontaneous, ie head not engaged the day before, no contractions until my waters broke with a bang at home at 5.35am, then straight into active labour, no rest between contractions and by the time I got to the hospital at 6.15am-ish, the head was appearing. Me being me, HAD to wait for Mum or “Muummmmy” as I’m sure I was calling her that morning, so Kieran was born at 8am. Being SO fast and full-on there was no time for niceties ie the pool wouldn’t have got set up/filled and this time they are expecting it to be quicker even (any faster it’ll be like shelling bloody peas!). No only did I not have time, but well I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep that still, I liked to be active (ie running around the room cursing).
So…. now I’ve made the decision, and am set, I’m looking for Mummy and Daddy hints and tips for homebirth! What did you use prop/furniture-wise, did you have a birth pool, if so how was it, what did you like, what would you change, what made it your “perfect” environment?
I want music in the background, and my fantastic Mother, who will also be there again this time, thinks it’s a cracking idea, though suggests “My Sex Is On Fire” is possibly not something I will find overly funny or appropriate at the time, so tell me, what was the soundtrack to your homebirth?
Looking forward to reading your comments!!!!

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  1. OMG! I am soooo proud of you hunni, thats great news. You're sooo brave I wish I had the bottle to do it, I always consider it then change my mind half way through so as you know I can't give you any tips on homebirths but I think it will be lovely and I am soo pleased for you, Roy and Kieron Love all us Oxo's…… Love ya xxxxx

  2. Good luck on the home-birth how great would that be. As regards soundtracks well I had c-sections for all 4. I had Boyzone for Perkie he was born as they sang "Just as a new born baby cries. " Pinkie was born to a Robbie CD . What ever you use chances are you won't really hear it but it makes good background noise 🙂

  3. Thanks both! I feel much better now I've made the decision, and am actually quite excited!! I'm still picturing the ins and outs and am looking forward to some more details of other people's HB's for inspiration. After that, I'd best get my ass in gear and sort the nursery out properly lol!!

  4. Well done! Really proud of you too! I have had a water birth with no drugs or gas and air at the hospital. When hubby wouldn't let me give birth at home! 🙁 It's best to wait until labour is kicking in because the water can relax you and slow things down. But that feeling of sinking into the water is just amazing! I had baby no 2 in the birthing pool. Funny his a strong swimmer now!I thought about a pool but just opted for the bath instead for my other 2 home births. I used the bath to ease the pain and relax. Preparation is the key for anything in life, so prepare well for the home birth. Midwife should give you an information pack. Which will include a list of the essentials. Including lots of clean old towels, old sheets, large plastic linings sheets .You can get that from B&Q. Healthly snacks, aromatheraphy oils and bin liners. Oh my top tip,I couldn't live without was those pampers liners for bed wetting!Buy two packs! Practise your breathing, yoga and birth positions. Do take care though!Get hubby involved to help you too. This will really come in handy and will help you feel in control. I should probably send you an email instead! As you know I am a massive homebirth fan! But do pack a hospital bag. It will come in handy anyway. Helping your keep all you bits and pieces in one place!Good luck and I want labour tweet updates! Hah only joking!

  5. Oh Kay, don't send it in an email. I want to hear too :)Really pleased you've made your decision (and that it was this one!!!)Today, it is 3 weeks until the midwives go on call for my home birth (have to wait til 38 weeks here!) SO I will hopefully have lots to tell you and lots to share fairly soon.We've got a birth pool. We got the aquaborn pool, partly because it was green to match our decor. BUT we got 35% off because you pre-order, and it was an absolute bargain. Came with a large pool and all of the equipment required (hose, pump, water pump, poopy scoop, thermometer, plastic sheet, etc). We were going to get one from Ebay, but I kept accidently missing out on the closing time of the auctions, so gave up in the end to avoid the stress.Went Asda this morning, and bought a few shower curtains on the midwives recommendation to cover the floor.She said we'd need an air bed (I'd never heard of this before!) to move onto when I get out the pool, a bendy necked desk lamp incase of needing stitches and I actually can't remember anything else. I'm going to have to ask at my next appointment!I'll be listening to my hypnobirthing music, I think. Failing that, it'll SOOOO be Westlife!

  6. Two fab comments! It's quite exciting when you make the decision isn't it Amanda! My midwife also mentioned shower curtains. I've been looking at pools on ebay – I'm surprised at how reasonable they are and how cheap – it seems quite a few people have bought and then not used so want rid – works for me!Remind me to ask you about Hypnobirthing – I know absolutely nothing about it but am curious. Kay- can't promise you labour tweets (I'm pretty sure a birthpool plus lappy don't mix?) but will make sure I do one hell of a blog, regardless of whether things go to plan or not. Your comments have been very very helpful!

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