Teenage Angst – would YOU do it again?

I often hear people say things like “Oh to be a teenager again, it was all so simple….” and I find it myself hard-pressed not to slap them for fear they have become hysterical or just yell “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?”.

Ignoring for a minute the horrible physical side to puberty , the acne/spots, hair sprouting from all over, dodgy haircuts, (see above picture/monstrosity), the monthly hell which after the first 2 show-offy “I’m a woman now” days, becomes a major pain in the arse, as well as everywhere else…. my teenage years were hideous in many ways.

Am I the only one who lay sobbing into my pillow between 11pm and 1am (when uninterrupted love songs were on Atlanta/Atlantic 252 radio) over whichever boy had broken my heart or just ignored me that week (the bastards!). Does no-one else remember the awkwardness of never quite feeling as if you really fit properly in your body (unlike now; I fit quite snug thanks).

Did no-one else have intimate moments with their stomach linings after a night (half a small bottle by the time it had gone round everyone) of cheap cider or that foul fruity acid stuff, 20/20?

Was I the only one with chronic jaw ache after compulsively chewly Wrigleys Extra in large quantities to avoid detection of your ciggy breath or dousing themselves in cheap perfume (those 5 mini bottles for £5 at Boots came in handy, Tweed, Panache etc!). Thinking about it, I must have been the best smelling teenager ever!

Then later came first love, losing your virginity, realising with crushing disappointment that the love of your life doesn’t love you back….. (we return to the late night radio love songs).

Compared to most people I know, I had fairly mild teenage years, but emotionally I can still feel every heartbreak and disappointment and despite my determination to be TREATED LIKE AN ADULT GODDAMN IT I am eternally grateful that I didn’t have real grown up decisions to make then like I do now! Despite having a lack of bills to pay, no kids to be responsible for, no house/business to run, I still prefer adult life with all it’s quirks and worries to that of being an emotionally unstable teenager (and I was pretty savvy and mature for my age too!).

So come on, what were your teenage years like? Do you look back and shudder or does nostalgia make you want to do it all again? <all font="" he!

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  1. My teenage years were hideous – I was really shy around people I didn't know very well, and NO-ONE understood me!! In fact life only really started picking up from 23-ish onwards. You couldn't pay me enough to go back and do it again! x

  2. My hair was worse than yours lol! 🙂 The spots started in my teenage years and still appear now and I'm 40!I've given up the cigarrettes which is good.Teenage years were a mixture of excitement and feeling frustrated and wishing I could leave school and be an adult and earn money. Looking back gives me mixed emotions, some with fondness and some with horror! 🙂

  3. Lol, we all laugh at Kevin & Perry but the "It's sooooo unfair" does kinda strike a chord doesn't it!!Thanks both for your comments. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was a hormonal train wreck!!

  4. If I could go back now and change things knowing what I know now, I know that I would want to BUT those teenage years where I did things that really were stupid have made me who I am today and I quite like me now.I just hope that Top Ender doesn't have the same issues I did otherwise I am in trouble!

  5. Ah that made me giggle. Sometimes I forget we were all teenagers once! You mentioned 20/20 (vile stuff) but what about Pink Lady and Diamond White bluuurgh. Still can't drink Cider to this day. Pernod is another horrible story so we won't go there but you can imagine, 17 going through my gothic phase, Pernod and Black a pound a glass…Being a curly top myself the hair styles were always my downfall (especially as mum insisted on cutting it herself when I was young). I wouldn't go back to being a teenager, so much uncertainty about who you are and what you are going to do. I have the odd moment when I feel 14 again, usually when Mum is telling me off for not cleaning the bathroom or for being late back from shopping (yes she still does!)and I detest the feeling it gives me! Great post Nicki 🙂

  6. Would I do it again. my ethos in life is to never go back over old ground but to use what i have learnt and use it to do better next time.I enjoyed my teenage years, the freedom, the friends (even the one we called 'Sheep') i remember laughter, lots of it. looking back now maybe some of that laughter might have upset some people, I do regret that, but if i could would i go back? I doubt it, all kids need to learn these lessons we make mistakes, if we did not we would still be on all fours grazing in fields and up trees. when I ask my self the question, my initial reaction is to say yes, I would love to do it again, I would do better in school, I would have more fun. but when I look deeper, there was frustration and anxiety. My life was at a pace of 100mph, full steam ahead, I never had the wizdom, experience or knowledge to control it. now my life is lived at about 85mph, I know now to stop and breath every now and then, I'd like to think I have the ability to change what needs to be changed and the courage to accept what I cannot change and the wizdom to know the difference. I dont alway get it right but with each attempt I will improve.Sorry about the 'Sheep' thing, looking at that picture reminded me of the days you used to flirt with me in the playground.

  7. Thanks Mikey- nice to get a male perspective on teenage years, I'm guessing the floods of hormones don't discriminate between the sexes!Your post made me think actually- gawd couldn't kids be brutal (and I'm guessing it's changed little!)! Yes all, my school nickname was "Sheep" (sigh) due to the mass of curly fuzz. Thinking I could escape the taunts I had it cut much shorter (see hideous pic above) but that only resulted in "Aha! The Sheep has been shorn", kids eh! (Little barstewards!).Not sure I remember any flirting though Mike? :p

  8. Ugh never again – the self-loathing, the boy loathing, the parent-loathing!!I'm much happier in my skin now – even if it's slightly larger than the one I had then 🙂

  9. Oh god no! Not if you paid me! There are select parts I might like back…hello waistline, goodbye 15kg extra. But the DRAMA and the ANGST and the WHY DOES NOBODY LIKE ME? Nah. You can keep it.

  10. I would only go back to all of that if I could take my knowledge and perspective on the world back in time with me.

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