If I Had a Million Pounds

We’ve all had dreams and fanciful thoughts where we wonder what we would actually do if we won the lottery. Some would buy a boat, some holiday all over the world, others would give up work in an instant and I’m sure everyone would enjoy a fabulous time.

I have it all planned out. When I win the lottery or hit it big playing online casino games (unlikely as I can’t remember when I last had a £10 flutter) I only need to win a million pounds. More is always nice but a million would do me just fine.

Firstly, I would buy my parent’s house (I’ve told them this). It has so many fabulous memories that should they decide to retire to the seaside or whatever that I’d love to live there with Roy and the boys. Obviously my love of all things interior design would come into play here and I would redecorate and play with all of the things I’ve seen on DIY SOS and similar shows.

Obviously we would have a splurge, there would be new clothes, a better car for Roy and *stuff* but after that we would put some aside in a savings product so we wouldn’t have to worry about spending everything and like would carry on.

Would I stop working? No! I would certainly reduce my hours but I love writing, working with clients and getting to the end of a piece of work and thinking “I did that! And it isn’t half bad!”. No, I wouldn’t give up work although I suspect Roy would so that he could follow his dream of setting up his own business.

Would a million pounds in the bank change us? Hell no, we are who we are. We might have a shinier car and bigger house, and a few new gadgets but the boys will still go to school, we would still work in one way or another and we’ll still be geeks.

It would be nice to test the theory though!
What would be on your list of things to buy or do if you were to suddenly have £1m to play with?

Money Money Money

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*This post has been written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet is true to my own thoughts feelings and experiences.