Vita Coco Kids Review

The whole coconut water thing seems to have passed me by until recently. I hear about new and wonderful products for kids every week and by and large I let them pass me by. I was however  contacted by Vita Coc0 Kids recently and asked if I wanted to try out some fun, flavoursome drinks for kids. I tell the boys not to knock anything until you’ve tried it (if you try it, you might like it) and so I agreed.

The children are very glad I did.

This fun looking sample box turned up soon after.
This fun looking sample box turned up soon after.



We had mango and pineapple flavoured coconut drinks as well as apple and blackcurrant flavoured ones to try out and both went down very well in packed lunches and at home.  For the kids there are two factors to consider when trying new food or drink items, how cool they looks (yes really) and how they taste. Both boys loved the fresh taste and Vita Coco Kids has indeed been given the awesomeness seal of approval.

As parents we constantly look for healthier alternatives to the rubbish available on the supermarket shelves and being given these to try has been great in that we may add these to our list of parent and child approved drinks (and the school’s list too of course).  I like the fact that these drinks are naturally flavoured and as the kids love them I don’t have to worry about them staying hydrated when out and about. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or nasties, just great tasting drinks. With lower sugar levels than the majority of drinks on the market and high levels of naturally occurring potassium this is a product that ticks all of the boxes.

They definitely have our family seal of approval and as such will be in our fridge from now on (although thankfully don’t need to stay chilled making them perfect for storing / using away from home too). Find out more about Vita Coco Kids and the drinks here (including their kid’s club) and the Vita Coco brand as a whole (including lovely products and recipes for grown ups too) over on Twitter.

*We were sent free samples to test  in order to be able to review these drinks. Vita Coco Kids have had no input on the content of this review which is based entirely on our family’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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