Great Little Trading Co (GLTC), a Monkey & a Rucksack #review


When I was asked if Kieran would like to review an animal rucksack for GLTC I nearly fell over. Not you understand, because I have any particular obsession with monkeys but because I absolutely adore GLTC. I’m pretty sure if I had magical powers I would happily climb into their website and live their quite contented (you know what I’m talking about!).

When I showed my monkey what was coming his eloquent reaction went something along the lines of “Cooooool, that is sooooo awesome” (my 4yr old is an early 80’s throwback!). When it arrived I was suitably impressed. It was dispatched as a general order ie the same way that any web customer would order which was great because I could see how it was packaged. Excess packaging is a big no-no for me, it is wasteful and a pain in the bum to get into, but GLTC didn’t let me down. The bag was securely packaged in the minimum of packaging required for safe transit.

The quality of the bag is the same as I would expect from a high-profile company as GLTC. Finished beautifully, this bag would make a fantastic gift or everyday item. Retailing at £20 it is  hardwearing (trust me on this Рmy boy is a thug) and an excellent choice for any parent. If you like the idea of this bag but fancy a different design, have a look on the website to see the bee & owl versions, and the matching lunch bags.

Now the expert reviewer takes the reins….


I love this bag! It looks like a monkey and even has bananas on the zips! (Not real bananas, you can’t eat them!).. I’ve used my bag for all sorts of things. When it was sunny Mummy took me and my brother out for an adventure – I took my bag with a water bottle, suncream, my drawing pad and pencil (so I could draw anything I liked), snacks and my camera (it’s just a plastic one but I like pretending to take pictures). We had a lovely time and lots of people looked at my bag. The very cool part is that you can put things in the insulted (insulated!) bit at the front to stop them getting sticky and yucky and hot). My bag has two straps so I can put loads of stuff inside and it’s not heavy! Mummy took loads of pictures of me at the park and when we were walking with her camera but the silly camera did something wrong and deleted them all. Maybe I should have let her use my plastic one to practice?

It works as a school bag too!

I got to use my bag for school too. This was REALLY cool because all my friends thought it was great. Mummy said it suited me because I’m a bit of a monkey sometimes but I don’t know what she means by that?

I could fit LOADS in the bag, my lunch, my books and even my coat when it got really warm. I have to put my water bottle in the drinks holder bit at the side so it doesn’t go on my books when I forget to close it properly. It’s good that is is there. My teacher doesn’t like soggy books!

I’m really, really, really happy with my bag.

Thank you GLTC.

Kieran, 4yrs old